Artists and Fans Both Win When Choosing Emmersive Entertainment

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency usage has gained popularity and acceptance in more mainstream industries. The entertainment industry is just of many using blockchain technology to introduce major changes that favor both the creators and consumers of different art forms. EmmersiveEntertainment is one of the players leading this change.

Emmersive Entertainment is a fan and NFT collector platform comprising creators and innovators from different backgrounds. At the moment, the company is working on e-NFT and street art, but there are plans to do more in the future.

The idea to create the platform originated from artists Flo Rida, Erik “E Smooth” Hicks, and David J Kovacs. The three were looking for a way to empower artists that would give them both exposure and attractive economics, and that’s how the company was born.

Dr. Bettis and Lori Triggs later joined the team as chair and counsel, respectively. Lori worked with E Smooth to build what became the first A-List NFT music and street art streaming platform. The assets were then purchased by Vinco Ventures (BBIG), the Nasdaq company that owns Zash Media and Lomotiff.

The first successful event at Emmersive was the launch of Tory Lanez’s album When It’s Dark. It was the first platinum album sold as NFT anywhere, and it sold out in 1 minute after its release.

Emmersive’s mission has been clear from the beginning: The team is on a quest to disrupt the industry with blockchain technology and make it worthwhile for both the artists and their fans. It works directly with artists, celebrities, and stars to create unique art scenes and then makes them available to fans.

For the artists, selling their art as an e-NFT comes with a twofold advantage. First, they get paid when they sell their music or art to their fans for the first time. Second, if the fan decides to resell their rights to the art form, the artist will still get part of the proceeds from the resale.

For the fans, Emmersive Entertainment has made it possible to collect or view these unique art forms cheaply. They also have the chance to make money from the art if they decide to resell their rights in the future. Since the initial launch of Tory’s album, it has been resold hundreds of thousands of times, and many fans have made money from it.

Emmersive has also made NFTs more accessible. Unlike on other platforms, fans can purchase the NFTs on Emmersive by credit card. This makes it easier even for fans without a crypto wallet to enjoy the art they like.

As the e-NFT space grows, Emmersive Entertainment is at the forefront, ensuring artists get value for their money and working to become the number one public company in the space. Artists are guaranteed transactional integrity because all transactions are carried out on a public blockchain.

The company also conducts periodic audits to ensure system efficiency and customer satisfaction. Currently, the team is seriously investing in new tech for the future, cementing Emmersive Entertainment as a market leader in this relatively new space.  

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