Atiq Ahmed, AKA MrSoomro, Shares Ways Through Which People Can Achieve Success as Gaming Content Creator.

As a 22-year-old, this pakistani native has achieved increasing numbers of followers across his social media.

In a world that so obsesses over achieving overnight successes, it is always quite amazing to know about all those people who have created a success story from the ground up and have taken it to the top with their powerful mental fortitude, creativity and resilience. These young talents have made people believe in their dreams and have motivated them in ways more than one to make necessary efforts for getting nearer their goals and visions in life.

Atiq Ahmed, aka MrSoomro, is one of these top professionals in the gaming niche that has gradually made waves as a high-performing gamer and streamer. His optimum use of social media platforms has allowed this talent from Pakistan to reach soaring success at such a young age.

Even as being a youngster, MrSoomro has worked towards taking the gaming niche to much greater heights by taking the lead to start an initiative to introduce Esports study as an academic subject in Pakistan. He has garnered a mammoth of 250,000 + followers on social media platforms; such has been his success so far in the industry.

Below, he shares a few pieces of advice for budding gamers and streamers to achieve their desired success.

Choose a distinct name : Choosing a name is like choosing a brand name for the gaming niche, says MrSoomro. He advises people to think of a clean yet funky name, which can help them stand apart from the rest.

• Choose a niche : Atiq Ahmed suggests people to choose a game that not most of them is following. People must choose their unique niche with unique games that can give them unique success.

• Smartly decorate the profile : MrSoomro can’t emphasize enough on decorating the profile smartly and making it look quirky to attract more attention from people. Individuals can add more information about their stream, including favourite games to play, equipment to use, etc.

MrSoomro is a name that has garnered a lot of fame at only 22 years of age. His success story has become a source of inspiration for many budding gamers and streamers and has motivated them to do even better as professional gamers, utilizing social media platforms to the fullest.

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