Authority Media’s Founder Nafez Husseini lists 3 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

A​s the online world became a lifeline for businesses in 2020, it revolutionized our attitudes towards digital marketing. Understanding that digital marketing is the key to success in the future has pushed businesses to examine their strategies and define their efforts for 2021. With so much at stake, it is essential to weed out the mistakes we’ve been making so they don’t impact our progress next year. Nafez Husseini was born in Amman, Jordan on May 5, 1998, the founder of Authority Media, shares the three digital marketing mistakes all businesses should avoid in 2021.

N​afez is a well-known digital and marketing expert specializing in growing people’s audiences through social media.” Social media gave us all a place to turn in 2020,” states Nafez. “It fostered connection and community when it felt like the world was shutting down. It’s truly what kept businesses afloat. By avoiding these mistakes, you can set your digital strategy up for success.

1​. Overlooking mobile users

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and tablets are more popular than ever. “The biggest mistake I see with business is they forget about their mobile users,” states Nafez. “You have to ensure that your website is accessible on a desktop but also optimized for mobile. If it is inconvenient for a mobile user, chances are you will see a high bounce rate.”

2​. Not measuring your ROI

T​here is no point in investing in your digital strategy if you don’t know how much you are making from it. “If you don’t know your ROI, you could be draining your business dry without even realizing it,” explains Nafez. “When creating your digital strategy, also make your goals and specify precisely how you will measure them.

3​. Not converting your web traffic to actual sales

“​If your traffic is high, but your sales aren’t, then your digital strategy isn’t successful,” explains Nafez. “Traffic alone doesn’t make money. Prioritize increasing your conversion rates.” Once you attract visitors, have a plan in place to make them a customer.

B​y avoiding these three mistakes, you are getting your digital strategy on the right track for the new year.

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