Avid Streamer, Nathan Miller “Reaiming” Shows Us, He’s Not Stopping For Anything.

Avid streamer Nathan Miller does a complete 180 showing that a setback is purely what you make of it.

Miller, who goes by “Reaiming” while gaming, turned his life around. Overcoming a drug addiction at eighteen years old and a ten month jail sentence, Miller is now three years clean and is rapidly establishing a name for himself. With a quickly growing social media audience, including over 32 thousand followers on Instagram, Miller is putting in the work on Twitch to follow his career goal of full time streaming.

“I don’t stream for numbers, I don’t post for followers,” Miller said in an Instagram post. “I do what I do to, in the end, show everyone that regardless of what situation you’re in, you can succeed.”

Apex Legends is one of Miller’s games, a free-to-play hero shooter. Miller keeps up to date with the game’s seasons, posting to his followers about what players can expect in new editions. With Season Seven, for example, he wrote about a new map, the new legend Horizon, and the nostalgic return of R99. In the past, Miller formally streamed on a site called Mixer, where he amassed 5,000 followers. When it was shut down, he moved to Twitch.

Miller prioritizes building his online community. For a certain amount donated to his stream, Miller increases his gaming time, brings out some beers, or will “bust out a Drop It Low.” Additionally, Miller works on collaborating with other gamers. He is currently a player and captain for Morituri Esports.

Miller’s endeavors outside of streaming include selling Reaiming merchandise and investing. In 2019, he dropped a Reaiming sweatshirt with his classic mantras written on the back. As for his investment portfolio, Miller says he would not recommend certain stocks because that is a personal decision people should make based on their own research.

However, gaming and streaming remains Miller’s biggest grind. He is pursuing a competitive gaming career, planning to stream full time once the game Halo Infinite comes out. Miller has 56,000 kills on LifeLine on Apex. In addition to leading by example of his hard work, Miller also offers advice to his audience. One’s past doesn’t determine who they are, he says.

“Just remember, trudge through the mud, you’ll find the grass,” he writes on Instagram. “Behind cloudy and rainy days, the sun is shining.”

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