Award-Winning Entrepreneur Maria Vittoria Cusumano Shares Her Insights on How Women Are Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Violence against women has been a sensitive topic for generations. The representation of women in the media, the inequality they face, and the harassment they face on a day-to-day basis are all facts that have been in the public eye for a very long time. In recent decades, we have seen a positive and growing shift in people’s attitudes towards this issue. And this positive attitude has allowed women to exercise their talents and skills in a way that is proving noticeable. Award-winning entrepreneur Maria Vittoria Cusumano, who has risen through the ranks and built herself to be a capable leader in the fashion industry, believes that the time is right for women to come up. She shares her insight into how women are breaking barriers and coming up.

The condition of women in the healthcare sector is what Cusumano focuses most on through her influencer status on Instagram. She is passionate in her belief that women can do anything. She is testimony to that fact. Born in 1991, Cusumano established her blog, Thescentofwoman, in 2016, which saw her prominence. She established her fashion magazine to pursue her love for fashion and the industry. Since then, Cusumano has been an avid supporter of women’s rights, promoting her social media efforts and her web presence. In 2019, Cusumano was appointed the Ambassador of Komen Italia, an organization that promotes awareness of women’s issues. In her authority as ambassador, Cusumano uses social media to talk about health issues affecting women under the age of 30 and how to prevent them.

Cusumano believes that the only way to ensure that women come up in the world is by empowering them to succeed – by showing them that they are not alone. Worldwide, women are shattering the glass ceiling, be it at work, in the field, and in public, but at home, they are still losing the fight. Lack of proper healthcare is one of the most important reasons, according to Cusumano, because women still suffer from a wide range of health issues.

The first step towards progress is to be mentally and physically fit to fight your battles. Cusumano shares this awareness even with young entrepreneurs like her. The body is the machine that needs to work well for it to succeed.

On her Instagram profile, she recommends participation in various physical activities where moderate to heavy training can be done. And Cusumano is not alone in this belief; physicians worldwide agree with her.

The time is here for women to achieve the impossible. Maria Vittoria Cusumano believes that setting women on the path to proper healthcare can (and has) set them free to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

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