Becca Tepper Teruel is changing the world one step at a time

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Becca Tepper Teruel known as Becca Brazil is an entrepreneur that became inspired by the best in the business, including herself. She works hard in order to achieve great things in life – not only for herself but also for others around her.

Becca and her husband, Juliano Teruel, own a successful series of air BnB, Wedding Venues, & retreats at different locations around the U.S & Brazil. They have now turned their eyes to the Retreats market and is making Yoga Retreats available all around Brazil.

Becca is a great example of someone who didn’t become distracted and kept her focus on what truly matters to her. She became a social media sensation who has been connecting with thousands of people worldwide.  How? She uploads videos of herself and her dad. Yes, this girl is talented! A dancer, singer, comedian – all of these elements blended into one social media personality that has the internet world shaking.

But that’s not it! Becca wears only her own handmade jewelry in all her videos. She designs high end bodychains and used to own a storefront in La Jolla showcasing all her designs. She has now incorporated this into her viral videos to showcase to her online fan base! She has designed custom jewelry worn by huge influencers such as Kylie Jenner & Tana Mongeau.

Becca Tepper Teruel also accomplished winning Official Miss Jetset. This monumental moment in her life unlocked opportunities to inspire people to go after their dreams and accomplish anything their mind is set to. The fear of working a “regular job,” has transformed her entire way of living. “Not only can you make all your dreams a reality, but you can also make money while doing so and helping others.”

Through all of the hard work, Becca has interests outside of social media and investing. She is an avid runner and exercises daily. It is through perseverance and the discipline of exercising every day that Becca has overcome the obstacle of coming off her Adderall for her ADHD.

Her husband, Juliano Teruel, a former international swimming champion, has been a rock through this process. Given his experience and notability worldwide with triathletes, he has pushed her to be the best version of herself mentally and physically.

Becca also spends several hours weekly on clubhouse helping other creators come up with ideas and concepts to reach their goals. “The point of life is to help each other succeed.” Says Becca

Overall, the Brilliant Becca Brazil is a phenomenal entrepreneur with an empire of followers on social media. It is her confidence and power that attract good energy and success into her life. Her next project will be something incredible and life-changing to millions!

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