Becoming Successful as Told by a Hollywood Actress

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that I’d talk to a Hollywood actress, let alone interview one. Entrepreneurship has given me this gift. What Rachele Brooke Smith told me was astonishing. I thought I was working hard until I talked to her. She gave her judgment on just how hard you have to work to make it in Hollywood. I wish everyone would get the chance to talk with her. At the end of this article, I’ve included our interview. I could write a book based on our discussion, but I did my best to summarize below.

Why You Need to Follow Your Dream

Rachele grew up dreaming of being an Olympic gymnast, but due to an injury and some deep soul-searching, it never came to fruition. Fortunately, as her career as a gymnast came to an end, she found a new passion—one that would take her to Hollywood. Living on her own at 18, Rachele pursued the dream of becoming a Hollywood actress.

Many people travel to Hollywood trying to become an actor or actress, but most fail. Rachele wasn’t one of them. She fell in love with the work. Every single day, she’d spend working on singing, dancing, and acting. She didn’t mind it one bit.

Rachele kept at it and got her first role as a lead actress. The agent she had turned her away a short while beforehand.

She realized that she had nothing to lose, and she’d make it happen. Nothing would stand in her way.
Rachele didn’t want to be normal. Her friends called her crazy for pursuing her dreams, but she didn’t let them stop her.

To secure an enjoyable life, love what you do. If you’re willing to work when others are partying and sleeping, sun up to sun down, you will become successful.

An insane hunger and a childhood dream pushed Rachele to greatness. We have nothing to lose. Why live a life that’s less than desirable?

Work Harder on Yourself than You Do on Your Job

Jim Rohn stated, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Rachele took that to another level. The words she speaks on personal development were in their truest form.

Be better than good. When everything goes wrong, you need to be strong. Most people quit here. If you keep going, you’ll find your glory.

Rachele threw herself into self-development. She read the books and watched the videos. Rachele learned from those at the top. Success leaves clues, and she took it to heart.

She had to grow if she wanted to become successful. The person she was when she first started is a different person than who she is now.

When you work harder on yourself than you do on your job, doors will open. It showed when Rachele got her first role.

Improve, and never stop growing. The moment you get complacent, you’ll fall through the floor.

Overnight Successes Don’t Exist

In one segment of the interview, we discussed overnight successes. We both concluded they’re not possible. People call you lucky without knowing how hard you worked.

No one will see the grind. To quote Tony Robbins, “You get praised in the light for what you do in the dark.”

Rachele wouldn’t let luck decide her fate, she’d create her own luck.

She describes her rigorous work ethic and what happens on a movie set. Actors and actresses get little sleep and get pushed to their limits.

Just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you can stop. It’s just starting and you better be prepared.
Rachele clarified overnight successes aren’t possible. If you want it, you’ll work for it.

You can achieve your dreams if you’re willing to pay the price of sacrifice, discipline, and dedication.

Passion Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whatever Rachele desired to do, she had to be passionate. I’m talking about the passion that makes you love your life and gives you laser focus on your dream.

When she was becoming an actress, she loved what she was doing, and that helped carry her forward. Once she set her eyes on a goal, there was no stopping her from attaining it.

She took the passion she had for being an actress, and it made her glow.

We have an epidemic in America: people hate their life, and it correlates with their job. This doesn’t have to be you.

Understand that you have nothing to lose when you chase your passion. You don’t fail, you only learn. I know it’s hard to fathom, but do you want to work a job you hate for forty years and call it a life?

When you love your career, your life becomes blissful. When your life is blissful, you achieve goals—goals you didn’t think were possible.

It’s Necessary to Question the World

We live in a fast-paced world. A world in which most die at twenty but don’t get buried until their seventy-five.
We’re told to go to school. Then to get a job. Work for forty-years and retire. If you love what you do, there’s no point in retiring. These are lies that society tells us.

Sometimes we move so fast, we don’t stop for a second. Are you where you want to be? Why are you wearing the clothes you’re wearing? Are you wearing them because you want to or because that’s what society demands?

We have become complacent—content with living an average life. We believe someone should tell us how to live. People are told how much to make. No matter how hard you work, it’s the same. You shouldn’t let someone dictate your pay for you!

The disparity between the middle and lower class compared to the upper class is growing every day.

Rachele brought this up more than once. You have to question everything. You control your thoughts. Can you make them positive? Remember, idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Question where you live. Are you living in your town or city because that’s where you want to live? What else is out there?

It’s eerie. As a country, we don’t question things enough. Think through why you’re living your life the way you are. If you ask enough questions, you’ll get an answer.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

It’s been said your network is your net worth. Hangout with five millionaires long enough and you’ll be number six. Jim Rohn was right when he brought up this point: you’re the makeup of the five people you hang around the most.

When you look at your circle of influence, do you see winners? Are those people going after their dreams? Get around high-achievers.The world is negative. News stations wouldn’t be in business if they shared positive news. Are the people you hang around negative?

Rachele couldn’t stress this enough: get around positive people. They will uplift you when you’re at a low point and celebrate your victories with you.

It’s hard. I won’t lie to you. But as the adage goes, if you haven’t outgrown your friends, you’re not growing enough.

Recall that no one should dictate your life. If you find new people to hang out with and they aren’t living up to your standards, exile yourself. Your future-self will thank you.

Chasing your dreams is hard. You will have people telling you you can’t do it. You will have a negative voice inside of you saying it’s not possible. Rise above these self-perceived limitations. Hang around those who push you to higher heights.

Rachele was an exceptional guest and the wisdom she shared can last a lifetime.

Hear the full interview here.

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