Being Successful Is Knowing When To Take a Break, Lazaris The Top Don Says

Lazaro Martinez, popularly known by his stage name, Lazaris The Top Don, is a Puerto Rican & Cuban artist. He is a Master of Ceremony from South Bronx, The Hunts Point. He is also the nephew of the Legendary Arscenio Rodrigues. Lazaris is also in the royal family bloodline of Dons and considered part of a Musical Dynasty.

Lazaris has a history in music, which dates back to 1999 where he met with Cuban Link from Terror Squad as a Master of Ceremony. He felt so honored to meet and get his blessings and was referred to as a ‘new fresh air in the music industry’ by him. That was enough solidification and baptism into music. 

Happy Times

He has then had many interesting times in his career, with the most interesting one being 2019. He was in Atlanta, GA, for an Ac3 event. “I got to rock the stage with a huge crowd on the panel doing lots of promoting for my music, got interviewed by a Magassia writer from XXL magazine & went to Sirius XM Shade 45 to get interviewed by DJ kay slay.” He says. 

Lazaris dropped one of the biggest albums, ‘SVCESS,’ several weeks ago. According to Don, the launch got the kind of reaction that he wanted to get from his fans and masses. His goal was to introduce the world to his unique sound as he delivered his story, and he is thankful that he achieved all that.

Currently, Lazaris is working on seven new visuals, and he has other singles coming out soon. It is all systems go for him, for he wants to keep the pace high to ensure that his fans have his music every time they need it. Apart from his independent music, Lazaris has two other projects which he will be co-producing as soon as he reveals who the two new artists are. 

Most Iconic People

Lazaris, The Top Don, is proud to have interacted with DA Inphamus Amadeuz, who inspired him because of his intelligence and involvement in all businesses. “Interacting with him is like having the answer to an exam you thought you would and probably could fail, but he won’t allow you to.” He said.  

Secondly, Lazaris met his uncle Arsenio Rodrigues who was the first Don father of Salsa and created a musical family lineage and bloodline. He also met Big Pun for being the first Latino rapper ever to go platinum. Lastly, he met Kurtis Blow, who is the first artist ever to get a record deal. 

Bringing Goodness to the World

Currently, Lazaris offers services and consultations to upcoming artists, showing them how they can be better. He is also helping them in production. He also advises the upcoming artist, “Make sure you keep your mind designed to withstand anything in this game. It’s a game of chess, not checkers,” he starts as he continues, “You must be the hardest working person in your organization yet know how to enjoy the moments when needed to recharge yourself for fresh thoughts. They say part of being successful is knowing when to take a break and game plan your next move in a timely order while making sure that you make your best-calculated decision you have made in your life.”

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