Best International Business School – The Light to a Student’s Future

True education doesn’t limit itself to certificates and degrees but holds meaning beyond that. It inculcates humanitarian values like courage, empathy, compassion, integrity, and reliability. It helps an individual to define self and be independent. And, this is possible only if a student is exposed to the BEST-IBS

With the mission to provide highly skilled education, the BEST INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL aims to offer an excellent learning environment that will balance the body, mind and soul. Vinod Prabhu.D, Management trustee of the Best International Business School, has the vision to impart “Quality education to all and he believes an educated and civilized society has the power to set new benchmarks, carve a path and bring change” Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

BEST International Business School offers programs like B.Sc. Catering and Hotel Administration, BBA in International Business and MBA in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. Furthermore, it also offers excellent diploma courses for young talents who want to hone their skills in Hospitality Vertical. Bluemoon Education Social Trust’s future aim is to extend their courses to MBA, PGDM Nursing & Aviation programs. These aren’t merely the courses but a path for the students’ bright future.

The faculty at BEST INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL are the pillars to uplift the young aspirants and hand-hold them till they reach their aspirations. The team is extremely qualified and committed to sharing their industrial experience with the youngsters. Their teaching methodologies include theoretical classes along with practical sessions.

Spread over 5 acres of land, the campus has the splendid infrastructure to cater to the student’s needs. It hosts multiple laboratories like Computer Lab, Bakery & Confectionery Lab, Front Office Lab, Housekeeping Lab, Food Production Lab, Restaurant Lab, and Mock Beverages Lab. It has a library with a plethora of books, journals, sample papers, questions papers, Digital Library and so on. The other facilities include an Auditorium, Cafeteria, an Open-Air Amphitheatre, playground and hostel facilities for both Boys and Girls which can accommodate up to 500+ students.

Education is the fundamental right of all, and one must have access to quality education. With the right resources and excellent guiding forces, the students are sure to excel. All you need to do is choose the right educational institute at the right time. For further details, you may visit

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