Beth Simps is Empowering Women on Tik Tok with Business Blurb’s New Initiative

According to Inc, over the past two decades, the number of female entrepreneurs has increased by 114%. Women in business is the latest trend as more and more small businesses are being opened by female entrepreneurs. The popular business and entrepreneurial media conglomerate, Business Blurb has set out to emphasize that entrepreneurship is thriving amongst females. 

Bethany Simpson has teamed up with Business Blurb to help highlight female-run businesses amongst their hundreds of thousands of followers. 

Who is Bethany Simpson?

Bethany Simpson, better known as “Beth Simps” is a rising social media star, with over 600,000 Tik Tok followers on her personal account. Simpson creates acting POVs and videos about what it’s like to attend a performing arts school. She is currently in her final semester at Columbia College in Chicago, with big plans to move to Los Angeles post-grad.

What is The “Women Running Businesses” Podcast

The media company also recently launched a new podcast called “Women Running Businesses” which is available on YouTube, Spotify, and most major streaming platforms. Francisca Li, a Honors Information Technology and Systems & Finance student at The University of Texas at Dallas is kicking off Season I as the host. The podcast is described as “a weekly podcast that dives deeper into the minds of successful female entrepreneurs.” 

What is Business Blurb Women

Business Blurb Women is a new initiative designed to highlight, inspire and empower female entrepreneurs worldwide. Brendan Cox, founder of Business Blurb, recently told Disrupt Magazine that “Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more prominent amongst women around the world and we wanted to create a special platform to highlight female visionaries in the business space.”

How She Is Leveraging Social Media to Empower Female Entrepreneurs 

Along with running her personal Tiktok account, Bethany also creates content for Business Blurb Women. This page centers around videos of motivational speakers, women’s empowerment, and unique examples of female entrepreneurs in the business industry. She uses her already-established personal platform to do so, by encouraging her audience (which is made up of of mostly young girls) to follow Business Blurb Women.

Why This Is An Epic Collaboration?

When I asked Simpson why she decided to team up with Business Blurb Women, she emphasized that “I aim to be a positive light for the young girls who watch me. I aim to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves, and Business Blurb Women was the perfect opportunity to do just that.” 


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