Blac Chyna’s Best Friend Reveals Tell-All and Inside Scoop Behind Blac Chyna and the Show

Serial entrepreneur and mother Treasure Thompson is the founder of TreasureGemz, a feminine holistic healing e-commerce site, who became best friends with Blac Chyna (13 years) while both were exotic dancers. On Blac Chyna’s Docu-Series, Treasure was introduced as a cast member and best friend of the model. With a specialty in educating others using crystals and natural stones, Chyna stiffed Treasure and never paid her services rendered. Since the airing of the show, Treasure has cut ties with Blac Chyna, has not been an active cast member and does not plan to return to the negative reality style series.

Treasure says, “Back then, I was still in the same position (dancing) and Chyna had grown popular through her relationships with rappers. I did everything I could to support her, getting her bookings in anticipation that I was up next. I never was put in the position to grow even though I was always there for Chyna, I was her assistant, coordinator, event planner, photographer, concierge, cook and even hair stylist. Yet, I was never paid.”

The show aired on an app called the Zeus Network in July 2019 and is currently airing episodes.

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More about Treasure

Shortly after she began working at a strip club, Treasure met her best friend Angela, “Blac Chyna”. While pregnant, Blac Chyna moved to Miami and became a big name, so the two friends started traveling and booking events across the country. As exotic entertainment took off for Treasure, she found herself booking music videos, traveling to countries, hosting events as a featured dancers in big venues alongside her best friend Blac Chyna. Treasure has made guest appearances on “Rob & Chyna” (E! Network) as well as their “Baby Special” in 2016.
Treasure organized her first Women’s Empowerment Event in Encino, CA which sold out hosting celebrity guests attendees including Amber Rose, Blac Chyna & More.

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