Bling Advisor Turns Your Custom Jewelry Dreams Into Reality With Industry-Breaking Affordability That Captures Your Heart

Many couples have grand visions of “breaking the mold” when it comes to their engagement rings. They want something that stands apart from the generic shelf-warmers of most jewelry stores. They want something that embodies their unique relationship, an ornamental, heirloom-quality piece.

Many times these couples find out that the design they had in mind is either way too expensive for their budget or not a quality piece that stands the test of time. With their dreams shattered, they end up falling in line and settling for the simple, easily produced designs that most jewelry companies have to offer. That’s why Bling Advisor is taking a stand and shaking up the industry, proving that truly custom, high quality jewelry is possible at an affordable price! has its roots in a business to business model, taking on the custom projects that other jewelers couldn’t complete due to the complexity and consistently finishing them with unparalleled craftsmanship, earning them the nickname “the Jeweler’s Jeweler“. has since shifted their focus to provide their expert services directly to consumers in the US and Canada.

They specialize in bespoke, custom fine jewelry designed and developed in direct tandem with their clients specifications. These pieces are crafted with ethically sourced materials and made with sustainability in mind.These pieces fit the home of avid collectors and couples alike looking for one-of-a-kind designs that will become treasured family heirlooms.

Bling Advisor specialists are established experts in their field and proudly proclaim that they offer completion of difficult projects and intricate laser repairs that other jewelers will shy away from. As a family owned company, they pride themselves on their excellent customer service. They operate completely in the online sphere, but offer an intimate and personal customer experience that sees them working with their clients from design to delivery.

They take on their clients inspirational ideas, sourcing ethical diamonds, gemstones and metals and working to create structurally sound pieces that live up to their clients desires and stand the test of time. They will even custom design a piece using your own family heirloom gemstones or repurposing old jewelry.

Bling Advisor provides digital renders and physical resin models for their clients at no extra cost on qualifying orders and keep them informed during the entire process to maintain an easy, stress-free and exciting experience for their clients. Everything is done from the comfort of your own home, even delivery!

An industry leader in truly custom jewelry, Bling Advisor collaborates with other established industry experts to ensure their jewelry creations are always of top-tier craftsmanship and affordable. Unlike most jewelry companies that offer custom work that only allows for specific styles or designs, Bling Advisor can create almost any design inspiration from scratch. You will never find two Bling Advisor pieces that are exactly the same (unless you specifically request it). Each piece of jewelry is uniquely designed and crafted to tell each individual client’s story.

If you value uniqueness, quality possessions, and heirlooms that you can pass on to treasured family members down the line, is the one-stop solution to have your dream jewelry become reality. Connect with on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or their website and become inspired for a truly unique piece of custom jewelry that captures your spirit and your heart.


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