Blockbuster Action Movie Rifleganj Premiers On Hungama: Kritn Ajitesh Showcases Diversity

There are a lot of upcoming stars who have been trying to establish themselves in the Bollywood industry, however, they have not been quite accomplished in doing so because of the cut throat competition in the industry. The Bollywood industry requires the actors to be dashing as well as talented. Basically, beauty with brains, with a good personality that they can showcase in front of people and also while acting.

Kritn Ajitesh is one such young man who has managed to establish himself in the industry despite the odds. There are a number of reasons that benefited him and are responsible for his success but the factor that must be highlighted is his acting skills. Luck has played a very small role here because luck is solely not enough to make a person successful, skills contribute too.

Such was the determination of Ajitesh that he was prepared to undergo difficult training. He had two reduced 10kg just so that he could match up to the physical criteria. Nowadays actors need to have a very toned body, and their physical features must be admirable enough person to look up to them, this is one of the reasons why he had to work very hard for months to reduce his weight and continues to maintain a healthy diet in order to keep up to this otherwise all of the progress would be lost.

People have to make sacrifices if they are to achieve something great. Kritn Ajitesh has made some himself. His most awaited movie and also the recent one was just released on Hungama. ‘Rifleganj’ is going to be available on MX player too very soon, however, you can easily access it with Airtel Stream, Hungama and a few other online streaming websites. A lot of different other platforms also await the release.

Kritn Ajitesh has been very busy shifting for a number of films, one being Rifleganj which is already out and the other being ‘An Acid Attack’. He plays the role of a detective here and has portrayed his inquisitive qualities very impressively. Since he goes through a research before acting, he is capable of performing better on screen and also off screen.

Moreover, he also cheques out the background of the film for which he will be performing, only recently he had to look up the way Naxals have behaved, the reason why he will be fighting in the particular scene and how one can arrogantly put forward their dialogues, he makes sure to practise them all so that he can polish his skills once again before he shows up for the final cut.

Being a popular Bhojpuri actor, Kritn Ajitesh already had a huge fan following. In fact, he is considered as one of the most handsome actors in the Bhojpuri industry and particularly the female fans admire him a lot. This young man has managed to make a name in the Bollywood industry too in a very short time span, his debut in Bollywood is going to be a sure hit!

After all, he played the naxal mastermind here, how could he nor portray such a sensitive topic fiercely? He also shared the screen with a other legendary actor Ompuri. In the future days to come he is surely going to become somebody big, his popularity has already increased in the past few days and there is nothing stopping him from rising more.

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