The internet is the single greatest communications tool we will ever see in our lifetime. The rise of the internet gave way to global communication with complete strangers. Before there was Facebook there were mailing lists and web forums, soon followed by instant chat rooms where it was first possible to participate in real-time conversations. Naturally, some of these conversations became intimate; resulting in a new kind of long distance relationship in which both parties began the relationship cross-country before meeting up in “real life” if all went well.

Finding a potential partner online has evolved from something that organically took place in niche chat rooms into a major part of today’s internet activity. Research released in 2017 revealed that 19% of recently married brides had met their spouses online. Another study from the same year reported that online dating has become a $3 billion dollar industry. It comes as no surprise that online dating continues to trend upwards as we become more and more connected to the internet in our day-to-day lives.

Smartphones and mobile applications have revitalized the online dating industry, taking what was once a social taboo and turning into a social norm. It’s not embarrassing to take part in online dating services anymore, it’s expected. You could roll the dice on meeting the right person at the right time at your local bar, or you download a couple dating apps to get a big picture view of nearby singles from the comfort of your own home. Online dating is exposing us to hundreds of people we wouldn’t have otherwise known existed.

Hicky: Next-Generation Online Dating Using Blockchain Technology

Rising blockchain startup Hicky is gearing up to bring on the next generation of online dating. Hicky plans to utilize emerging blockchain technology to establish a level of trust lacking in today’s online dating landscape. According to Hicky, the foundation of any good relationship is trust. Therefore it’s crucial to facilitate trust in every way possible when connecting two strangers over the internet; something that hasn’t been possible up until this point.

Anonymity on the internet is important for many things, but dating isn’t one of them. Transparency is paramount to establishing a genuine connection with someone new. Anonymity threatens to mislead unsuspecting users into catfish scenarios where it becomes obvious somebody was dishonest about their appearance or social status. Studies have shown that 53% of users have admitted to lying on online dating sites.

Hicky plans to address these issues by making authenticity a core part of their platform. Users new to Hicky will be required to undergo a comprehensive verification process involving FaceScan technology and VoiceVerify. These simple precautions ensure Hicky users to rest easy knowing that the person they’re interacting with is exactly who they claim to be.

Incentivizing A Better Dating Experience

Hicky is creating a better dating experience through a clever inventive system designed to reward users for good behavior. Users on the Hicky platform will earn rewards for positive actions, like completing the verification process but also stand to be punished for sending inappropriate messages or being a no-show. This punishment is ultimately dealt out by the Hicky community via a democratic voting system. For example, If Alice reports Bob for being verbally abusive, a case is opened among a jury of peers where both sides will have an opportunity to present their side of the story before a ruling is ultimately made by the community.

All interactions within the Hicky network require Hicky Token (HKY); the cryptocurrency native to the platform. It’s HKY that powers the incentive mechanisms which create a high-quality dating experience on the Hicky platform. Users can earn HKY by voting on open disputes, referring friends to Hicky, and demonstrating good behavior.

Hicky (HKY) Public Sale: Open Now

The Hicky public sale began on Valentines Day and is scheduled to continue until March 16th, or until 36,000 ETH is raised. The HKY token has a max supply of 481,500,000. 1 ETH will earn you 7,500 HKY through the ongoing token sale.  For more information on how you can participate in the Hicky ICO, visit their official website today.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endrose or review brands mentioned.

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