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Bobby Dee Presents Is Fighting through the Setbacks from COVID-19

Here’s how to overcome the struggles of a global pandemic.

Bobby Dee and the entertainment company Bobby Dee Presents have been working through the struggles and setbacks that have come from the COVID-19 Pandemic. In a business that relies heavily on large crowds and person-to-person interactions, the COVID-19 virus has been detrimental to its success. What does Bobby Dee Presents exactly do? They curate and produce concerts and festivals throughout the United States and internationally. They also manage and are the booking agent for several high-profile artists. As you can see, the pandemic has played as a pivotal roadblock in business for Bobby Dee Presents.

Bobby Dee Presents is a grassroots promotion company with the objective of providing its guests with an unforgettable live experience. But with the cancellation of live events due to COVID-19, there is no unforgettable experience. This is something that Bobby Dee has never encountered in his 33 years of entrepreneurship. Bobby Dee Presents is now focused and determined to reschedule all their concerts that ended up canceled. Dee said that he will “be working on the redo of all our postponed festivals due to COVID-19.” He is working hard to find ways to make up for what has been lost in time.

“It takes dedication, patience, and perseverance,” Dee said when asked what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, even with the pandemic, nothing can stand in the way of Dee. He knows that in life, everyone will face tough times, but he is willing to embrace every challenge that comes his way. Dee said, “Seeing the excitement that we bring to people to forget the troubles of the world is the most rewarding part of my job.” In times such as a global pandemic, it feels like everyone needs a little something to forget about the troubles of the world. Bobby Dee Presents is doing its best to help bring people entertainment through the pandemic. Snoop Dogg, or DJ Snoopadelic, was spotted with Bobby Dee Presents in Ventura, California, for Concerts in the Car during early October. The two posted on their social media accounts about this event which allows people to safely enjoy concerts from the comfort of their own cars. Just one of the ways they are able to interact with fans during the pandemic.

The last week in October was huge for Bobby Dee Presents as they announced the rescheduling of three of their concerts for the summer of 2021: two concerts in the month of June and one concert at the beginning of July. The July concert will feature the most beautiful clash of cultures as Snoop Dogg goes on stage with Banda MS for Un Concierto Que Hara Historia, Dos Culturas, Una Union. These concerts were canceled due to Covid-19 but are now back in the lineup for 2021.

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