Boutique Real Estate Firm, MCR Bahamas, Is Helping People Around the World Secure Permanent Residency in the Bahamas

MCR Bahamas

More people than ever before are considering new locations for their homes, retirement enclaves, and businesses as dozens of industries pivot online in 2021. Since individuals can now work a full-time job right through their laptops and mobile devices, they don’t necessarily have to live within a driving distance of their company anymore. In fact, they don’t even need to live in their home country, which is why many are eyeing the beauty and splendor of the Bahamas.

The MCR Bahamas Group, a lifestyle-oriented and family-friend boutique real estate team that is dedicated to providing personalized, one-on-one attention to all clients, is working overtime to ensure their series of islands are as accessible and welcoming to new residents as possible.

“We are committed to assisting families as they navigate through the often-complex process of buying and selling,” said an MCR spokesperson. “Our dedicated professionals are here to support clients with all of their real estate needs, whether they plan to move across the island, buy an office building, sell current properties, or do anything in-between. Our team comes with the local knowledge and skills to get the job done.” 

Comprehensive Real Estate Access

MCR is known for having access to 100 million unduplicated consumers through the Meredith Database, which is the largest U.S. consumer database of any media company today. The database encompasses 7 in 10 women and 8 in 10 homeowners, enabling MCR to pursue precision targeting capabilities with access to 4,500+ data points and affinity groups by age, life stage, lifestyle, ethnicity, passion, and more.

Today, the Bahamian real estate team specializes in sales and rentals, as well as homes, condos, luxury real estate, private islands, waterfront homes, and more. The full-service brokerage agency includes luxury real estate in Ocean Club Estates, Paradise Island, The Pointe, Lyford Cay, Albany, Old Fort Bay, Sandyport, Eleuthera, and the Exumas. The team is constantly adding new Bahamian communities to their repertoire. 

“We are so proud of the beautiful country we call home, stretching out over an archipelago of 700 islands and 2,000 cays,” said the spokesperson. “Even more notable, The Bahamas is one of the most politically stable countries in the world, with a parliamentary democracy that has been operating without disruption for over 275-years. Bahamians are proud to call these islands home, and we want to share our oasis with as many interested people as possible. Spread the word today.”

The spokesperson concluded by stating that the Bahamas has no income, estate, or corporation taxation, making it a hospitable location to run and manage business entities.

Community Comes First

MCR is an integral part of the greater Bahamian community, which is why they donate to numerous community events and show support to local entrepreneurs. When clients elect to work with MCR, they are working with an entire family of realtors that are passionate about The Bahamas. They go above and beyond to promote every single property as a unique case study.

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