Breakthrough Product GENIX Reverses Time for Skin

GENIX Beauty’s Regenerative Skin Elixir is taking the skincare and cosmetics world by storm. After 15 years of research and development, the GENIX Regenerative Skin Elixir has launched and is ready to give people glowing healthy skin. 

“Once we discovered what the Synergistic Protein Complex could do, we knew we would be doing the world a disservice if we didn’t bring this technology to the public. We knew we could create a product that would help so many people wake up every day feeling as confident, happy, and youthful as they should, regardless of their age. And so our Regenerative Skin Elixir was born – and we are thrilled to introduce this breakthrough product to the world,” Mr. Finger-Baker, GENIX CO-Inventor 

The GENIX Regenerative Skin Elixir has shown indisputable results time and time again through both testimonials and product trials. The results of the trials showed that the vast majority of participants saw significant improvements to their skin. In only a month of use, GENIX users reported reductions in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and much more. The GENIX Co-Inventor, Isaac Finger-Baker, attested to these incredible results.  

“The simple fact is that it works. This is a product like no other and it has improved the outlook and lives of numerous people.” Mr. Finger-Baker.  

So what exactly makes GENIX Beauty’s Regenerative Skin Elixir such an effective product? 

“The thing that makes GENIX so fundamentally different from anything else on the market is the Synergistic Protein Complex – and all the vital components it contains that support skin health.”  

Dr. McFetridge, GENIX Co-Founder and Co-Inventor

This startup company, out of the University of Florida’s biomedical laboratories, discovered a never-before-seen ingredient: the Synergistic Protein Complex. The Synergistic Protein Complex (SPC) in the Elixir contains a combination of proteins and molecules that support skin regeneration and restoration giving skin an ultimate health boost. It is the first moisturizer of its kind to be created with this breakthrough technology.

SPC was first discovered when GENIX’s Co-Founder and Co-Inventor, Dr. Peter McFetridge, was originally studying regenerative properties for wound healing and tissue regeneration. Along the way, he discovered the Synergistic Protein Complex. According to Dr. McFetridge, this ingredient and its abilities were enormous breakthroughs and left him in awe.  

“So we’re hoping to be able to provide this amazing material more widely, especially as we find out, almost daily, how well it helps people’s skin. The results are almost jaw-dropping.” Dr. McFetridge 

Synergistic Protein Complex does include the primary components of the skins structural support matrix, such as collagens, laminin, fibronectin, and peptides. It also includes a variety of glycosaminoglycans, such as hyaluronan, that support and hydrate tissues. However, in combination with these key molecules, it is the molecular synergy between the components of the SPC that creates the elasticity and firmness that gives skin its supple hydrated feel. 

 “The abundance of the support compounds incorporated in the extra cellular matrix allows the SPC to work to reverse damage to the skin.” Dr. McFetridge  

Dr. Peter McFetridge urges those who search for products to be mindful of the common mystification you will see among some skincare advertisements. As a professor in biomedical engineering, he has taken the time to educate himself and others on common “bandwagon words”. These are terms that are not always what they seem but are used to attract people simply due to familiarity. 

“Many skincare products on the market right now will use keywords such as “hyaluronic acid” and “peptides” in their advertisements to draw in more clientele. The unfortunate part is that most consumers won’t question the scientific aspect of those terms. At GENIX, we believe in the importance of asking “why”. We take the time to explain the rationale and science behind our ingredients. This way, you can be confident that each statement is made purposefully, with the promise to be truthful and honest to our customers.” Dr. McFetridge 

While marketing can be a very deceptive field, it’s safe to say that GENIX Beauty has chosen a path of authenticity when educating their clientele. This kind of genuine brand identity is rare to the skincare and cosmetics world, perhaps almost as rare as the revolutionary scientific findings that helped them create their products. 

“We knew we had such an efficient product that was backed by SCIENCE, so there was no need for mystification. GENIX’s scientific background and results speak for themselves, so instead of trying to create a glamorous image with vague descriptions, we chose to educate our clients on exactly what our ingredients will do for their skin, and how the simple understanding of the way it works can ensure scientifically tested results to those who may feel skeptical,” Mr. Finger-Baker. 

Fifteen years of research has certainly paid off for the creators of GENIX Beauty. They are now introducing a product that speaks for itself – the proof can be found in the mirror.

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