Brian D. Evans, Judge on The Next Crypto Gem TV Series, Set to Speak at Vulcon3, an Exclusive Video Game Blockchain Event in New York


New York will once again be flooded with the crypto crowd on May 26th, this time at Vulcon3: The Elysium Chapters. The event is organized by Vulcan Forged, the premium blockchain gaming ecosystem that offers immersive fantasy games, NFT marketplace, and an NFT gaming-token DEX. 

They hosted a similar event last year in Athens, and hope to make an even bigger impact at the hub of innovation and technology. For those that care about the future of blockchain, Vulcon3 plans to deliver an exclusive and intimate event that covers the metaverse, Elysium blockchain, their partners, and future plans. 

Not only will attendees have the opportunity to learn, but also the ability to network with top global Web3 enthusiasts and a chance to hear from and meet a stellar line up of speakers. 

One of those speakers is Brian D. Evans, founder of BDE Ventures, Influencive, and Founding member of and GeN3 Magazine. Brian just finished filming The Next Crypto Gem, where he is a judge on the shark tank style series with a legendary cast and was recently placed on LA Weekly’s 40 under 40 list. Brian will be holding Fireside chat on the state of web 3 gaming. 

Gaming has long been considered one of the most significant use cases of Web3 technology. The Inc. 500 Entrepreneur has been involved in large marketing campaigns for traditional games and has almost 8 years in blockchain. He feels that “as we get great games that also have Web3 components, blockchain gaming will explode.” 

Brian recently joined Animoca’s Mocaverse project as a super connector (advisor) due to his networking abilities. He has a knack for recognizing talent and helping builders connect to the right people and projects to get things done. In a recent space he hosted on Collaboration vs. Competition the conversion focused on the important aspects of competition in the space to push innovation but also on the ability of collaboration to move projects along faster. “With NFT projects it’s very different from a lot of other industries,” Brian said. “They can bring people together in communities in a way like never before, and it’s kind of a network effect amplifier.”

“When the next 100 million users come to Web3, the space needs to be united to welcome them,” Brian said. Rather than focus on individual games we need to view the industry as a whole. Collaboration proved very successful in Web2 gaming and that spirit needs to find its way into Web3 gaming. Brian will be keeping the conversation going at Vulcon3 discussing where the industry is at and some of the challenges it needs to overcome. He is currently building a game with a top team and aims to include the IP of other projects to show the power of this concept.  

Vulcon3, held in the high-end Ziegfield Ballroom, will have an after-party and VIP dinner following the conference. Seats are limited and may already be sold out at publishing.


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