British Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond Makes Domain Registration and Hosting Super Easy With SeekaHost

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Perhaps, this line sums it up, “Fernando Raymond is passionate about promoting digital entrepreneurship, delivering and teaching profitable and powerful marketing strategies and” industry best practices” based on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency (HIT)”.

Now, you may be wondering who exactly Fernando Raymond is? For those of you have not heard of him yet, he is a Sri-Lankan born British entrepreneur with a London and Essex base in the United Kingdom. Fernando is the CEO of ClickDo™, a popular SEO and Online Marketing Services Agency, and SeekaHost, an international web hosting services company.

He started out as an SEO consultant and has published several books sharing his SEO expertise such as “How to rank higher on Google” and “The Ultimate Link Building Guide”. Because he is very passionate about teaching others SEO skills to help them rank their websites, he has invested in creating an online educational platform at SeekaHost University to provide hands-on expert teaching in the digital marketing sphere with insights into personal branding, entrepreneurship, blogging, paid ads, and digital best practices to help both beginners and advanced learners.

Having been in the SEO and online marketing business now for nearly 10 years, Fernando understands how crucial it is to have a website in the 21st century. And that is why he’s on a mission to help millions of people get online fast. 

How Can Fernando Raymond Make Domain Registration and Hosting Easy Peasy with the SeekaPanel?

Since Fernando founded SeekaHost, his company has been one of the best domain registrars for cheap .com domain name registrations and cheap .in domains which are also available to register via the online portal.

He and his SeekaHost team have been working on the design and development of an all-inclusive web hosting control panel for over 2 years now. The SeekaHost’s control panel which is known as SeekaPanel allows users to apply easy one-click domain registration and hosting services that come with the SeekaHost WordPress hosting plans.

In fact, the innovative SeekaPanel, enables its users to register a domain and host it in under 5 minutes, which is the fastest in the market currently.

Read our last publication about the SeekaHost’s cheap domain registration in India that discusses about the SeekaPanel.

Getting Online and Turning your Ideas into Businesses

Fernando knows that “By 2030, it is estimated that 90 percent of the world’s population will be online and just look at how the Internet has revolutionized this world; the way you can now connect with people effortlessly and without boundaries.”

With the spread of the Internet like wildfire, it’s time to get started by turning that big idea into a blog or online business and SeekaHost will help you build your blog or create a website for your business.

Fernando also started with a blog and that ultimately changed the way he worked and made a living. It led him to become a digital strategist and help thousands of people with online marketing services and virtual property management.

His blog literally changed his life and he started with nothing, but today he has multiple websites and online businesses that give him the freedom and ability to do exactly what he chooses to do. If you’re prepared to do the hard work, then Fernando will show you how to do the same through his free digital marketing courses at the SeekaHost University where you’ll learn how to grow your own business into a powerful and profitable online brand as he did.

And the best part is that you don’t need a huge investment to get started. With SeekaHost’s trusted domain registration and affordable hosting services you can get your first blog or website live with just a dollar per month. And when you use the SeekaPanel, you will have free access to tutorials for WordPress so all the help you need to get online easily is freely available to you.

If you already have a business website, you can transfer it for free to SeekaHost to improve its longevity and performance to thrive in your niche. It can serve as an online reference for both your professional and personal development almost like a business card, but far better.

It is therefore inevitable to create a website very carefully only using the best service provider offering the best solutions such as the SeekaPanel.

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