“Business, Pleasure, Bliss:” Teaching Others to Achieve Happiness

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There was a time when Cameron Fous of IKNK.com (Pronounced “iconic”) modeled himself after Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street. However, after experiencing the pleasures of wealth and partying, Fous realized something important: He was unhappy. The reason for all of his choices, including his decision to drop out of college and become a day trader, was because he wanted money. After developing a powerful online persona and a name for himself in social media, however, he was forced to confront his values and wonder what it was he really wanted. Fous shed many of his possessions before Marie Kondo made doing so trendy, and he found renewed purpose in a life as a digital nomad for the past 2 years. Through this arrangement, he found his passion.
Now, Cameron Fous wants to share his wisdom with others. IKNK is a company whose motto is “Business. Pleasure. Bliss.” Instead of promoting the simple accumulation of money, which people assume will lead to the higher levels of fulfillment they crave, IKNK empowers people to “build an epic online business,” as Fous put it in a recent online interview. He is also Documenting the entire experience on how to Build a $50k+/month online business in his Vlog Series called “Life of an IKNK Entrepreneur” on his Youtube Channel, which also features many high-profile entrepreneurs and influencers from all over the world.
In contrast to Fous’ previous ventures, IKNK has a focus on overall lifestyle and wellness, rather than just the “Day Trader Lifestyle” that he promoted strongly at his other company IKNKtraders.com. This approach is a departure from his existing and prior brands and promotes Fous’ overall values instead of a flex for wealth’s sake. IKNK focuses on reinforcing Fous’ core values to obtain fulfillment and happiness while growing your Personal brand, which is focused on four main passions: career choice, relationships, physical health, and sunlight.
The site and brand use Fous’ abrasive voice and values: An aggressive opposition to education, an emphasis on mentoring, avoiding long-term contracts that you did not draw up yourself or on your own terms, and an emphasis on becoming an icon. Fous is confident that with his brand, he can “help other entrepreneurs crush it like I have,” suggesting sums of $50,000 to $150,000 monthly. Fous insists that would-be entrepreneurs must “stop confusing your wants with your needs. You ‘want’ money, watches, cars, materials…what you need is to be happy. If you forget about your needs and focus on your wants, you will end up depressed and these wants will fuel insecurity, anxiety, and depression. This is the only way you will ever be truly happy.”
Fous’ approach is different from others since not only can he teach tangible skills, but his lifestyle approach will appeal to many and will offer a path to happiness that emphasizes mental and physical health; not just increasing the numbers in one’s bank account. With the evidence to back up his claims and a unique voice, Fous is well-positioned to make a major impact in the lifestyle brand and education industries because of his values-driven focus on things that will apply to a wide demographic.

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