Buy TikTok Followers the Right Way

It’s no secret anymore that many Instagram users with huge followers have been buying followers for years, and now the same tactic has been noticed on TikTok too. Yes, that’s right: TikTok users are buying TikTok followers, views, and likes to boost their accounts to make them look more popular and to beat the TikTok Algorithm.

It worked so well for Instagram, why shouldn’t it work for TikTok too? Actually, the news isn’t so positive.

How Buying Followers Has Helped People Grow

Buying TikTok followers, when done in the right way, can help you beat the TikTok algorithm because your post will seem to be more popular instantly and TikTok will share your content with more people. This is similar to Instagram. Both platforms run micro-tests when you post your content. If you have a large account already, with lots of followers, you will have an advantage over another account with fewer followers.

The problem here is that having more followers doesn’t mean that they will engage with your post, especially if they are inactive or fake followers. This is a big lesson that Instagram users and now TikTok users have fallen hard from. With 1,000 or even 10,000 following their account but no engagement from hardly any of them, their posts don’t get any exposure because the algorithm is smart and fails the engagement test. It simply believes that your huge following doesn’t like your posts, so it doesn’t share it any further.

Buying followers for TikTok can be expensive and finding the right places to buy them can be time-consuming and a costly lesson. After this investment of your time and money, you will find out that you also need to buy engagement too. Because we just learned that buying followers just isn’t enough.

Buying TikTok Engagement

Having a huge following on TikTok looks great, but if your followers are not engaging with your posts, with low views and hardly any likes, it will raise questions with your genuine followers, friends, potential clients, or future sponsorship deals. This is not what you wanted to achieve.

What we can learn from Instagram users who bought followers instead of growing their accounts organically is that to keep their account growth increasing, they also had to buy more engagement. Paying for followers to watch or like posts and view stories is another way to trick the algorithms.

By now, you are already falling into the trap of buying followers and engagement to continually grow your account.

However, you still have a choice before it gets too late. Some large accounts, early on, have been able to buy their way to success and then grow their accounts organically. It’s often clear, though, when you look deeper, that some of these accounts choose to boost their accounts with more followers and extra engagement.

The best place to buy TikTok Followers

So now you know the negative implications of buying fake followers, you should stay well away from them.

You should find and look for a genuine service to help you grow on TikTok, a real fanbase is going to stick with you and ultimately bring you fame in the long term!

Leveraging the power of hashtags is the best to to increase your exposure in a organic way and is proven. This is one of the most powerful ways to grow with real fans on TikTok, its often over looked and works!

Now you know what you should be looking for, you are most likely wondering what are the best hashtags to use on Instagram for my niche.

The most important thing is that you cannot use any old hashtags, that’s where services are available to help you quickly identify what to use. Hands down, from experience, the best site to help you is Hashtagsforlikes.

The difference between Hashtagsforlikes and most of the other services you’ll find online is it doesn’t give you fake bot followers; instead, it helps you use trending hashtags to increase your fans. This is not a free service, but it’s well worth the investment to always have up to date and relevant hashtags allowing you to grow with real followers.

They also offer other cool tools on their dashboard! You can target your audience using relevant hashtags, that are proven and tested to get results. Their tags are updated in real time, to ensure you are always having the biggest potential!

Buy TikTok Followers and Learn the Hard Way

Or learn the easy way, just like I learnt from thousands of case studies on Instagram. Buying TikTok followers, when done in a certain way, can cause your account to have a surge in growth similar to some celebrities or people who have grown their account organically.

In a similar way to videos going viral because they are naturally popular, buying followers can trick the algorithm into believing that your posts are super popular and deserve to be shared on the social media platform to a larger audience.

This all sounds great, I can hear you say! Sign me up! However, this strategy can be short-lived. The rewards are not as great as you imagine, and it can even get your account banned.

What Can We Learn From Instagram Users’ Mistakes?

What you can learn from buying TikTok followers is the same lesson that we can all learn from buying Instagram followers. Buying followers has its risks, and the rewards can be high, but the risks are also high.

When you buy followers for your Instagram or TikTok, you’re essentially bypassing the whole organic, natural process of producing high-quality, engaging, relevant content and using organic growth strategies to increase engagement from a real audience.

A real audience will choose to interact with your content because they have a genuine reaction, a feeling, a sense of connection or emotion that triggers them to like, follow, or share your posts. Bought followers will not have the same genuine interest or they may not even be real people.

Buying Followers and Likes vs. Paying for Ads

Technically, you can buy genuine TikTok followers and engagement by running paid ads on your account or other social media platforms. This is different from using a service that offers TikTok followers for sale.

It is common for social media platforms to make money from all the data they keep stored about you and other users to advertisers who want to advertise their brand, product, or service.

Buying TikTok ads or ads on Instagram, Facebook, etc. can be a good way to get more followers and engagement from genuine users.

Paying for ads isn’t always the first choice because competition can be high. It takes time to learn, understand, and manage adverts, as well as the financial investment. It is another tool to consider if you want to pay your way to TikTok growth.

The effect of the growth we have seen in the fake follower industry has meant that advertisers are now seeing a large amount of fake engagement on their paid ads too. It’s a constant battle that social media platforms have sworn to fight; but, to many, it seems like a losing battle.

I am sure you have also experienced fake bots viewing, liking, and commenting on your posts many times.

What Are TikTok Bots?

If you haven’t heard about TikTok bots or Instagram bots, then you have a chance to learn about them now so you can know the difference between real engagement and robotic engagement. TikTok bots can be very clever little robots that can behave in certain different ways. Sometimes you may never know they are not real.

There are many TikTok services that claim to grow your account organically without any effort from you, which seems like a dream, but you must know that they are 99.99 times out of 100 a bot or extremely expensive because growing a genuine account is hard work and takes time.

Growing a genuine TikTok following that engages with your brand is not something that a little bot can do. I am sure that you really want to grow a TikTok account that you can be proud of.

TikTok Bots vs. Automation

For TikTok bots to work, they need access to your account. This means that you need to send off your secret password or give permission for a bot service to take over your account. TikTok bots will often automatically like, view, comment, or even message on your behalf. This automatic service does seem appealing because we are busy people and don’t have to time to grow a genuine account, plus we look around and see all these other accounts using bots, so it’s easy to think why can’t we too! If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

Well, actually, it’s kind of wrong, because if you think about it, in your business, especially when your business is about you and your customers. Would you trust a robot to do your job, engage with your customers? How do really you know what photos this bot is liking or what videos they are watching?

There are some things you just shouldn’t automate and some accounts you would never dream of engaging with in real life.

Automation, though, is a fantastic strategy to build into your daily routine. There are lots of great ways to automate tasks and organize your to-do lists better. This is also true for your TikTok account.

Also, remember that there are also real people out there who can help you with your content and managing a scary-looking checklist.

You Said There Was a Right Way?

Let’s take a step back and review what we have learned so far.

  • Buying TikTok followers and post engagement can lead to TikTok accounts with large followers and lots of engagement.
  • It’s becoming easier to see when an account has been artificially boosted. This doesn’t help your brand image.
  • Buying followers seems like a good investment at the site, but you can end up in a trap of continual investment to keep your account growing and replacing lost followers.
  • If you end up buying followers that are not real or active, you may end up in a repetitive loop of buying engagement too.
  • The successful Instagram and TikTok accounts are grown organically and have a genuine audience.
  • Paying for ads can be time-consuming and requires investment.

Now that we have learned some lessons the easy way, we don’t have to make the same mistakes that hundreds of thousands of others have made in the past. We can focus on how to buy TikTok followers the right way.

How to Buy TikTok Followers the Right Way

The most successful accounts on TikTok, the influencers that hit your FYP time and time again, have invested a lot into their content and strategy. They are buying you the right way, and you can learn from them how to buy your own TikTok followers and genuine engagement to grow your account.

There are many successful strategies to grow your account.

Earlier, I mentioned algorithms and how they can be tricked or beaten. This is because social media platforms want to show their users content that they are genuinely interested in so that they use the platform more and share more with others. This brings more people to the platform and continues to grow.

What this means for you is that there are always 100s, 1,000s, and millions of accounts who are ready to buy into your content.

Investing in Your TikTok Content

Everyone knows that time is money, and you can’t get time back! Creating TikTok content can take a lot of time to make, and when it doesn’t go viral, which it often doesn’t, it can seem like a waste.

The good news is that almost every famous person on TikTok has been through the same pain. It can take tens of thousands of hours to get to millions of followers, and for the lucky few, a matter of days, but that is rare.

I want to show you now how you can get the most of out your investment in TikTok and ultimately create a following that will end up investing in you.

Know Your TikTok Niche

Before you buy anything, you probably know what it is that you are looking to buy. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is yet, you probably know what you like.

I am not going to go into too much detail about niches in this article because I am going to presume you know what your TikTok account is going to be about and what type of people you want to follow you.

It is important to remember that, when you do invest your time in your content, you stay relevant to your niche.

I mention this because part of beating the TikTok algorithm is helping the system understand exactly what your posts are about and who they are aimed at.

If you want to target cat lovers, it doesn’t make sense to post all day about cars.

I Really Want to Beat the TikTok Algorithm

Similar to any social media platform or search engine, no one is allowed to know the secret algorithm. Many will try to guess and 1,000s of experiments have been done to test it.

It’s difficult to beat something when you don’t know or fully understand it.

TikTok doesn’t give away their algorithms but they do help you use their features. TikTok does offer a number of features on their platform to help your audience engage with you in different ways, and understanding how these features help you get new followers and keep them will also give you an insight into how the secret TikTok algorithms might work.

I will be writing a separate article about all TikTok’s features and how you can use them to great effect. For now, I want to focus on one feature of TikTok that many don’t take advantage of.

One of the most powerful features on any social media platform.

The Power of TikTok Hashtags

Behind every social media platform is code, code that you or I would probably not understand if we saw it in its raw form.

What we can understand are categories. Most of our lives are filled with categories of things – where we store our clothes, how we organize our computer files, how library books are stored alphabetically. TikTok isn’t too different.

One of the most used but arguably the least thought about, a feature of TikTok is the ability to add hashtags to your posts.

Hashtags are TikTok’s way of helping their algorithm and helping users categorize all the content. There is a lot of content!

As we know, when categorizing goes wrong, it’s very difficult to find anything.

Using the right hashtags can be one of the most powerful ways to reach more followers and keep your existing followers engaged. Here are my top 3 reasons why TikTok Hashtags are so important and how you can use them better.

  • If you help TikTok categorize your posts, TikTok can help you reach more relevant users.
  • People search using hashtags and if they search for a hashtag that you have used, you are more likely to be found!
  • When you post, TikTok will share your post with a sample audience to see if they engage or like it. If you use the right hashtags, you will reach more of the right audience and they are more likely to engage. More engagement is more reach!

If you can use hashtags to get more reach on your posts, you can get more followers, more engagement, and more people you can reach out to!

The best thing about using hashtags is that they are completely free to use. You don’t need to buy more TikTok followers; they will cost you nothing.

Ok, maybe a bit of time investment. Time is money, remember. It can help you save time, too.

Save Time Researching What Hashtags to Use

I mentioned near the beginning of this article and somewhere around the middle TikTok Growth Services, TikTok Bots, and TikTok Automation.

Now, I want us to learn about TikTik Hashtag Generators and TikTok Hashtag Search Engines and how they can save you a huge amount of time and help you reach more TikTok users.

I find the best way to learn something is by example, so I am going to use a service by because they offer a TikTok hashtags search engine that can generate a list of hashtags based on any niche hashtag you put in. You can filter by difficulty score (I will explain why this is important later) plus they also allow you to save your research, which saves a huge amount of time.

Remember that we want to use hashtags that will help us reach more TikTok users and get more engagement on our TikTok posts. The more engagement you can get on your posts in the first few minutes, the more people will eventually see it. More views and more likes will help you get more genuine followers

Start Your Hashtag Research

Starting anything can also be the first hurdle. Luckily, with the right tools, it’s easy.

Before you start looking for the most popular and trending hashtags, I recommend researching related hashtags to give yourself a few ideas. It’s important to choose hashtags that are not just relevant to your account but relevant to the content you are about to post.

If your niche is super competitive, you may find that a lot of hashtags that are related to the hashtags your followers might use are also high difficulty.

TikTok Hashtags Search

When choosing the best hashtags for your TikTok posts, I always recommend choosing the hashtags that will be easier for your account.

Which Hashtags Should I Choose to Get More Reach?

If you are creating a fresh, new account, it’s less likely that you will appear on the For You Page (FYP) compared to a large or already well-established account. It’s not impossible, but less likely. TikTok is quite good at helping small accounts get exposure early on, but you will also be competing with many other new people joining the party.

At this point, I am going to presume that your content is interesting enough that people in your niche will enjoy it and interact. I will cover more about creating content for TikTok in another article.

If you already have an established account and you find that your videos are getting more and more views and engagement, then you can start to explore more difficult hashtags.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that when you post, TikTok will send your post to a sample audience to see if they will engage. If your TikTok video passes the test, then TikTok will try again and keep trying until the engagement stops. Your content may go viral if it continues to get engagement at every stage.

Choosing the right hashtags for your TikTok post will help you get more engagement because you are helping TikTok choose an audience that is more likely to engage.

Here are my top tips for choosing the best TikTok hashtags to get more reach:

  • Research TikTok hashtags that are relevant to your TikTok video.
  • Choose hashtags that are not too difficult for your TikTok account to compete with other TikTok accounts.
  • Find and include a mixture of hashtags to use on your TikTok posts that are popular and trending but not too difficult. The larger and more established accounts can use one, two, or more if they are really strong already.
  • Always keep in mind that people use hashtags to search, so use hashtags that people might actually search for. Don’t use complicated hashtags that no one will ever type in.

The art and science of using hashtags successfully is the same as posting on social media. It requires thought, research, and planning, but, more importantly, testing and measurement.

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work the first few times. Keep trying out new combinations until you get it right.

Measuring Your Success

Nothing is worth doing unless it brings you results or joy. The best way to know if you are getting results is by measuring your performance. There are numerous tools out there to measure your TikTok successes. The same service I mentioned for finding the best hashtags also offers a suite of analytics tools that you can try.

Should I buy TikTok Followers?

With so many free ways to grow your TikTok, it’s worth investing your time to get to know all the features that TikTok offers and understand how you can use all of them to get the most out of your video posts.

There is nothing worse than losing an account or getting banned from TikTok after all the time, energy, and money that you have put into growing your account.

Don’t risk it by using a service that asks you to give your account details if they are not officially associated with TikTok – be careful that you don’t breach their terms of service.

Be wary of TikTok automation tools that offer human-like services but are cheap enough to be a robot.

Ultimately, if you have a successful TikTok account that you invested in and you can be proud that you have a genuine follower base that loves what you do, you will naturally get more followers and other brands will be more likely to work with you.

Finally, if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask someone who has the experience. The best advice is often free.

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