Buy YouTube Views, Beat YouTube Channel Competitors

Name me a niche, and I will tell you at least 100 YouTube channels I know are doing so fine in it. Name me another niche, and I’ll do just the same. That’s my way of saying every niche on YouTube is already jam-packed with creators. So why do you think you still have potential to grow and beat your competitors? – I will answer on it shortly.

In addition to that, Buying YouTube views are trend now a days, and most of the time it leads a good results to the brand recognition. People caring more about beating competitors rather focusing on gaining more channel views, likes and subscribers.

Mystery fact: It’s been revealed that there are approximately 37 million YouTube channels out there. Wow!

Let’s come to the point and discuss ways to beat channel competitors and how buy YouTube views help better channel future.

1.) Get more views on your content. (Buy YouTube views)

The first technique to beat channel competitors on YouTube is to have more views than them. How does getting more views to help you perform better than your competitors, you wonder? How buy YouTube views eventually affect your traffic? Well, it does it in two ways.

  1. It portrays you in better eyes in the eyes of the YouTube algorithm. The YouTube algorithm always gives ranking preference to the channel with the higher number of views in a given niche. That is, if two channels have 1k and 10k views, respectively, the YouTube algorithm will first show the channel with 10k views to YouTubers before showing the one with 1k views.
  2. When presented with two or more channel choices, YouTubers always prefer the channel with the higher number of views. In the eyes of YouTuber users, more views always imply better content. The belief is if others are watching a video more, then there’s got to be something special about the video.

You can get it via the traditional organic way of doing channel optimization and channel SEO.

Honestly, this will take a lot of time, especially if your competitors are people that have been on YouTube for far longer than you.

Imagine that you’ve a new channel and you’re competing with channels that already have 10k subscribers; how long do you think it will take before you start racking up enough views to beat this channel? Honestly, it may take forever.

This is where buying YouTube views come into the picture. You can level the playing ground with any competitors when you buy YouTube views.

For example, suppose your biggest competitors are generating 10k views. In that case, you can buy as many views to rival this number, thereby appealing to the YouTube algorithm and convincing YouTubers to click on your channel instead.

2.) Get more subscribers. (Buy YouTube Subscribers)

The second technique to beat channel competitors is to have more subscribers than them. Do you still recommend to buy Youtube Subscribers? Let’s see in detail:

Although having plenty of subscribers doesn’t necessarily impact the YouTube algorithm, it does encourage random YouTubers to hit the subscribe button. And the more random YouTubers that join your channel, the greater your chances of becoming the most popular channel in your niche.

So, how can you gain more subscribers than your competitors?

Go the traditional, organic way? Well, you might.

But you should know that like views; it might take forever for you to have as many or more subscribers than your competitors. Not to mention that while you’re trying to gain a few subscribers here and there through the organic way, your competitors will be getting more subscribers thanks to the social proof generated by their huge numbers.

But there is a way to level the playing field.

You don’t have to wait around to amass subscribers. You can buy real YouTube subscribers.

If your biggest competitors have 5k subscribers, you can buy 10k. As a result, when people see your account and theirs, they’ll be more interested in subscribing to yours because it has more population.

3.) Get more watch time on your videos:

Watch time is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos. According to YouTube, channels topping in this metric enjoy higher overall viewing sessions.

If we’re to go by YouTube’s words, then it means if someone was looking to beat their competitors, one way to go is to get a higher watch time. That is, ensure more people watch your videos for more extended periods than they watch the videos of your competitors.

For example, if your biggest competitors are clocking in on 10 hours of watch time across all their videos, target 12 hours.

As far as YouTube is concerned, if people are watching a channel’s videos for more extended periods, then there’s got to be something unique and special about that channel. And since they have an obligation to users to display the best videos, this is the channel they’ll always show to searchers.

The question then is, how can you beat your competitors’ watch time? Imagine you’re a three-month-old channel competing with channels that have been in business for three years; how can you possibly have more significant watch time than them?

The answer lies in buying views.

When you buy YouTube views, you get real people who’ll watch your videos till the end.

Now, let’s say your biggest competitors have garnered hundreds of thousands of watch hours over the years; all you got to do is buy a certain number of views that will generate that same amount of watch time. And voila, you’re level with them.

4.) Appear in Google searches.

Google presents another means to beat channel competitors.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Google now displays YouTube videos as part of their search results in recent years.

But not all videos on YouTube enjoy this new possibility. Only a few do.

Google creates an entirely new stream of traffic for those that do, one that gives tons of views and subscribers.

To put it simply, in a niche comprising of dozens of channels, any channel with the means to appear in Google searches stands a better chance to beat the rest because Google is a goldmine of free traffic.

But before a channel can get into Google searches, the videos of that channel have to satisfy Google’s SEO criteria. Plus, the videos must have racked in high numbers of views and engagements (likes, comments, and shares).

Luckily, all these can be gotten easily by buying them. Of course, you will have to buy them in such a way that looks natural to convince Google, but the fact remains to buy views, subscribers, likes, comments, and shares get you faster into Google searches.

5.) Make one of your videos go viral.

Imagine if one of your videos attains 1 million views on YouTube, and you share this news on Facebook, news ads, Twitter, blogs, Whatsapp, and other digital media outlets; how many people do you think will be wowed by this?

At least thousands of people. When people hear or see that a video has gone viral, they, too, will want to check it out.

This will undoubtedly announce you to the world, and even the biggest competitors in your niche will check you out.

If you’re lucky, no one has ever reached this number in your industry before; you’ve no doubt become the trailblazer. Meaning you’ve beaten your competitors. And you’re now the most popular channel in the niche.

The question then is: how can you make one of your videos go viral? The answer is pretty simple: a combination of organic efforts and bought views should do the trick.

Once you’ve created a viral-worthy video and have started gaining views and engagements on it, you have to keep buying more views and engagements. And after a short while, you will hit whatever number you’re targeting.

6.) Get more engagements.

It is also possible to beat the competition through engagements. Engagements on YouTube refer to metrics such as shares, likes, and comments.

When you get a ton of those, you appeal better to the YouTube algorithm, which then ranks you better in the searches.

Additionally, getting tons of engagements also encourage other viewers to engage with your content. It’s a way of gaining social proof.

If a new and random viewer sees that an interesting conversation is going on in the comment section, they will want to contribute—same for likes and shares.

The only challenge is how you get many engagements to gain the social proof you need to beat competitors.

Again, buy them.

7.) Increase YouTube impression.

YouTube impression refers to the number of times your video thumbnails were shown to viewers as a recommended video, on the homepage, or in search results.

These are the recommended videos’ thumbnails.

Now, if you’re looking to beat channel competitors, having more impressions than them (that is, showing up more than them on the homepage or in search results as a recommended video) is undoubtedly an excellent way to go.

But as you might have noticed with recommended videos on YouTube (both in homepage and search results), they all tend to have vast numbers of views. If you look at the example figure above, you see 577k, 201k, 623k, and 920k.

Those are usually the kinds of numbers that recommended videos get, which means if you, too, want to be recommended more often than your competitors, you need to get huge numbers.

So how can you go about getting them?

Usually, if your content is good and your YouTube promo strategies are efficient, you can get these numbers. But it would take a lot of time. If you look at those videos, some spent one year, others two years before hitting those numbers.

You can speed things up, however, by buying views and engagements! It’s a pretty simple analogy.

Just check the numbers of views and engagements your most significant competitors – who are getting recommended – are getting. Then buy and get organically equivalent numbers of views and engagements. Voila.

How to buy youtube views the right way so that you don’t ruin your channel’s reputation

Although we’ve already established that buying YouTube views helps you perform better than your competitors, you should know that there are guidelines for doing it.

a. You should buy at a slow and steady pace.

for example, you can’t just go out there and buy 10k views to beat your biggest competitor, who has 9.8k views.

Why, because it would look unnatural and fake. And people are going to be put off.

They will think it’s evident that you are buying YouTube views, and, of course, you know people don’t like to interact with anything they perceive as fake.

It’s better to start slow and gradually buy more and more views over time. If you’ve only got a few subscribers, then your video shouldn’t be getting hundreds of thousands of pictures within just a couple of hours.

b. Get genuine views, too.

Buying tons of views won’t fool the YouTube algorithm into ranking you above the competition.

If a channel claims to have a certain number of views, they have a way of making sure it’s a healthy mix of bought views and genuine views. If they suspect all are promotional views, they may decide not to show you to searchers.

It’s better to have genuine 5k views and then buy 3k views more to beat a competitor with 7k views than to go out and buy 8k views outright.

By and large, you should invest your time and effort into creating quality content that attracts and engage viewers so that, in the long run, your channel can benefit from a healthy mix of genuine views and bought views.

c. Only buy from a high-retention site.

YouTube is a big supporter of buying promo strategies – that is, they allow you to buy likes, views, subscribers, and what have you.

However, they frown at buying fake and bot views. Although they accept bought views, they’re heck-bent on making sure they’re real humans.

The best way to ensure you satisfy this criterion is to buy views from only a high-retention site like Stormviews.

A high-retention site is a site capable of providing only real YouTube views. The way to confirm whether a provider is high-retention or not is to check the views they provide you over time; it shouldn’t decrease rapidly.

If it does, then it’s clear you’ve bought bots and not real YouTube views.

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