Buzzoid Alternatives: 10 Best Sites Like Buzzoid

With nearly 12 years of experience, Buzzoid is easily the expert with alluring Instagram services, Buzzoid has apparently catered 1,000,000 customers to (almost) complete satisfaction.

But here in this article we aren’t planning to worship Buzzoid, but instead talk about its alternatives that can provide services that are on par or above Buzzoids’; so let’s kick off this article without further delay.


Viralyft - Buy Instagram Likes

Let’s start this article with the #1 Buzzoid alternative that is Viralyt. Achieving a larger number of likes on any social media platform is tough and getting a large number of followers is even tougher, but Viralyft can make those tough things appear seemingly easy with its brilliant services for boosting your reputation on social media. Viralyft is especially what you need if you wish to gain fame on Instagram since it offers custom-made Instagram services to its clients and it is one of the best places to purchase likes for Instagram after Buzzoid even though much like Buzzoid, Viralyft is also focused only on providing services for Instagram.

Viralyft offers a variety of packages in 3 different formats, namely Views, Likes, and Follows; and their pricing can range from $2.89 (their cheapest likes packages) to $270 (biggest likes packages). Their Followers and Views are similarly priced with some tiny differences, The most interesting thing about Viralyft is that you can pick between High-quality Followers and Super quality followers, in which the super followers are often real, the followers brought from Super quality followers packages also have the least chance of giving you a ban than the High-quality followers.

You also get a detailed report of the Instagram followers provided when you purchase from Viralyft and it will also keep you updated throughout the process and help in clarifying your doubts. - buy instagram likes

You must have heard of GetViral, it is one of the most known Instagram growth tools that will help expand your reach and grow your account. There are plenty of services out there that are offering Instagram views, followers, and likes but what sets GetViral apart from them is their high-quality services.

GetViral has a network of over 50,000 users. GetViral ensures that they push your content in front of people who are most likely to be interested in it. And you’ll get the delivery of your order instantly.

GetViral offers flexibility as you can buy as few as 100 followers and as many as 10,000 followers. With GetViral services you’ll receive a high retention rate and 24/7 customer support. Their follower packs range from $2.89 (for 100 followers) and go all the way up to $94.99 (for 10000 followers).

Social Packages - best site to buy instagram likes

So the next best alternative is SocialPackages, for those who are looking for a site that will help them grow their account organically. It’s surprising that they don’t use any bots or automation tools while providing their services, they work manually to complete your order just as you would have done.

Unlike other websites, when you’ll buy their services you won’t get a bunch of random followers instantly, you’ll get fans who are interested in your niche and will actually engage with your content. They work differently and you might feel that you can do what they are doing by yourself but their experienced team has been in this market for a while and the process of organic growth is time-consuming, so you can rely on their services. And the best part is that they are offering high-quality services at affordable prices.


buy facebook likes -

ViewsExpert, it’s an excellent tool that will help you grow your reach with real engagement. They offer services for Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The awesome thing about ViewsExpert is that you can grow engagement or followers on your account at affordable prices. If you run a small business or just new on Instagram and have a low budget then you should definitely check out ViewsExpert.

It’s been 5+ years since ViewsExpert has been working in this industry and they have already served over 1 million customers. They offer packs for likes, comments, followers and views. They charge a reasonable price for all these services. Apart from that you can always contact their customer support no matter how small or big of a request you have.



Follower packages are a performance-based social media services provider, they believe in the “snowball” effect (purchasing followers and likes to get a small push so that they keep on rolling). They offer services for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. Followers packages offer genuine likes and followers at a reasonable price tag

Just like Buzzoid, Followers Packages also help you gain more exposure and credibility that you deserve and help you stand out from your competitors. Followers packages assure you of timely delivery, they start working on your campaign as soon as your purchase is confirmed. They use safe methods, techniques that they use for their services follow strict marketing methods. Plus their top-notch customer services and highly affordable and competitive rate makes it one of the best Buzzoid alternatives.

Speaking of affordable rates, their packs start from $10 (for 500 likes) and end at $95 (for 10,000 likes). All of their services are 100% guaranteed for both refund (in case you want a refund) and delivery.


Storm Likes can be a great choice for the growth of your Instagram presence as they do their best to provide only genuine Likes, Views, and Followers which come from real and active Instagram accounts. The best thing about them is their cost-effectiveness, if you are using Instagram for business then you should definitely check Stormlikes. You can get their services for as little as $1.39. With Storm Likes you can target your audience based upon country and gender, while their delay services will help you adjust the speed of the likes and views you’re receiving plus you can also randomize your likes.

They offer different packages but you can easily customize the packages according to your requirement, and you won’t have to contact their customer support for that. Stormlikes also offers you a free trial which you can try before you purchase, during the trial you can get around 10 likes! And there isn’t any contract or terms, you can cancel your order anytime.


Famoid was originally established as a software development company in Delaware U.S.A back in 2017, but these days they are better known for their social media services; of course, they also provide other essential software to its clients as well, that is what puts them above other social media service providers out there.

Famoid provides its incredible services for many social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube; Famoid offers more services for Instagram than FB, and YouTube so if you want lots of services only for Instagram, then try Famoid, but if you want a wide variety of services FB and YouTube as well, you’ll have to find something else.

Famoid’s Instagram services include Followers, Likes, Video Views, Automatic Likes (by real users) packages. Their Instagram packages pricing is also diverse and the most affordable packages start at $5.95; while their most expensive can go up to $300+.

The best part about Famoid is its security, if you are worried about security, then Famoid is highly recommended since they pride themselves in taking security standards above anything else. Also, all the Packages in all the categories provided by Famoid are 100% real with the little chances of getting smacked (smack!) with a ban.


It’s about time to wrap up this article, but hold up! Not so fast since we still have 1 last point left that can put up a good fight against Buzzoid. Ladies and Gentlemen meet SMMpoint which is rather easy to misread as 5mm point. Although SMMpoint does pack a punch like .5mm.

Anyway, when I first checked Smmpoint, I was astounded by just how much they offered when compared to Buzzoid; SMMpoint supplies services not only for Instagram,  but also for Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch services.

Smmpoint provides Automatic Likes and Premium Followers that are significantly more expensive than its other services; also unlike its competitors, they offer you a free 7-day trial which is quite impressive, to avail its services you only have to sign-up, provide them your Instagram username and pay via PayPal or Credit card or debit card, you’ll receive your purchase within 24 hours or you can demand a refund.

If all that wasn’t enough, SMMpoint also provides services for Brand logo and Brand identity!

Genuine likes

GenuineLikes is relatively new in the market but they have already served 100,000 clients and gained their trust through their quality services. But unlike Buzzoid, they don’t just offer services for Instagram but also for Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Twitch, and LinkedIn. Once you purchase their pack, they start with understanding your niche and your audience. Then they find similar groups, blogs, forums, and also use Google ads services (their campaigns will be based upon your requirements) in order to gain attention from real and active users.

They promise 100% money back guarantee in case your needs aren’t fulfilled which is valid for 30 days from your purchase. And they offer 24/7 customer support services via mail.

Stellation Media

Next, we have Stellation Media which is again another reliable Buzzoid alternative but they are quite different. Stellation Media describes itself as a digital creative growth agency. Their approach is quite unique among all the websites on this list. This web-based Instagram growth software will help you gain real and engaging followers. Once you purchase their pack, they’ll ask for some information about your competitors and once you provide them that information they’ll start engaging with the people who are actively engaging with your competitor’s post.

Their Mass Story Engager will view up to 4,00,000 Instagram stories/day and automatically interact by voting and answering polls in order to gain their attention. Other than that you can also send mass direct messages. With Stellation Media, you can have 100% targeted growth through hashtags, location tags, explore pages, and so on. But that’s not it, you’ll own your social dashboard with additional tools like analytics, mass DM, and much more while having full control over your targeting, settings, and growth.

Ah! You’ll be assigned with a personal account manager and amazing customer support. Their plans are more on the pricey side but they offer three options from which you can choose according to your needs.


So finally you’ve reached here and I give you a thumbs up! for that. Now of course apart from the ones given above there were many other websites that were worthy to be in this article but they were beaten up by the sites above I had to keep this article rather short. But all in all, the sites that have been listed above are indeed the best of the best so you won’t need any other sites to expand your presence on Instagram or any other social media platforms.

So now instead of putting all your time and energy on social media platforms growth, go on buy some packs to start that snowball effect and focus on things that are more important for you or for your brand.

If you have any questions or want us to review any particular site, do leave us a comment.

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