Campaigns Should Be Organised in Rural Areas for Creating Awareness on COVID-19 – Akmal Ali Khan

Youth is the future of our country. Future leaders, workers of different fields are going to emerge from the youth. Small steps take you to your destination. And as youth it’s our duty to help in any way possible.

In the time of this pandemic Akmal Ali Khan, former President Maulana Azad National Urdu University Students Union Hyderabad and social worker, came forward and helped the people in need. He distributed mask and sanitizers to the areas needed. At the this time when people had nothing to eat he distributed food packages across the areas of his reach. He even led measures to help people who lost their jobs in the pandemic by creating and hunting job opportunities for them.

In the rural area he organized campaigns and he himself joined every campaign and spread awareness in the people about the basics of corona. He showed how to wear masks and suggested they wash hands at regular intervals. These campaigns reached thousands of people and helped them a lot to know about the disease they were taking as bluff in rural areas.

The month of Ramadan is going to begin soon He requested everyone to stay and act with the COVID-19 guidelines.

He suggested people who come home from some other place to stay quarantine for a week at least and to get checked immediately if they find any symptoms.

It is the work of a leader to make everyone know about the good and the bad and to spread awareness on the topics kept in dark.

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