Capitalism With a Conscience: How Businesses Could be Giving Back

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The business world makes up at least half of our waking world. This means that it is responsible for a large portion of the damage that we are currently doing to the planet. Be it from mining, dairy farming, drilling, or offshore oil fracking, we are systematically destroying our world in the name of the economy.

Granted, the economy is important. Without it, we would be operating without a monetary reward scheme and therefore likely at loggerheads all the time. Instead, changing our industrial practices to sustainable ones, that don’t have that same impact on the planet, could be the answer.

How Can Businesses Help Global Communities?

Businesses are uniquely placed to start giving back to the towns and cities that host them. Whether it be through making small investments on a local level around your bricks and mortar establishments, or whether that means donating to food banks or helping local services – doesn’t matter. Helping the community that accommodates you should be a consideration when you are doing well.

This is where corporate philanthropy comes in. Many firms will throw money towards things in an effort to make their reputation better. What we need to see now, though, is a global, mass change. The climate is in crisis, and we no longer have years to deal with it. We have months. 

Firms making big profits need to invest some of those profits into sustainable practices, reusable materials, and less wastage. They can help global communities not just with money, but by using less plastic, by outsourcing materials from local farmers, and by refusing to industrialize processes that can be done by hand.

Businesses that are already Giving Back

Just as there are plenty of businesses out there who could be doing more, there are those who are already doing their bit to protect our planet. Here are three of our favorites.

1 – Global 360 Degrees

Global 360 degrees is an investment firm that gives a donation to help various social causes, every time an investor joins them. They give towards good causes like education, global illiteracy, child welfare, women’s empowerment, and healthcare access. If every firm donated every customer, there would be less wrong with the world.

2 – Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s is a cereal brand with a big heart. They have been providing breakfasts for families in need since 2013. In the past few years, Kellogg’s has been heavily involved in helping manage and distribute food through food banks, stopping waste, and helping to feed the masses. 

3 – Beyond Meat

This is a faux-meat product creation company whose business is eliminating the need for meat. If we can downsize our global farming operations, then we can eliminate much of the global methane emissions we release annually. Changing how we do farming is likely to change the climate over time.

If more firms can start being as environmentally conscious as those above, we might have a chance to save the Earth, after all.

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