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eVOLV Strong might be located in Albuquerque, NM, but you don’t need to live there—or anywhere close—to experience their free Social Media Live Yoga and Fitness classes. C.J. Chavez, owner and trainer at eVOLV Strong, has been making the most of COVID-19 restrictions by maneuvering around closures, social distancing, and the personal reasons why some people are extra careful not to be out and about as much.

His solution happens to be a fantastic service anyone can access — for free! His Live Yoga and Fitness classes are the perfect way to beat the quarantine blues and ward off the dreaded COVID-19 ‘fifteen.’ You can access these classes from the eVOLV Strong Facebook page.

While Chavez was only hoping to help his members and anyone else who wanted some guided exercise throughout the pandemic, his efforts were noticed. Recently, eVOLV Strong was named ABQ Magazine’s 2020 Pandemic Hero for providing New Mexico and the entire world with online, body-healthy workouts.

Awards and Credibility

eVOLV Strong must be doing something right. Chavez says they have been in business for nine years, and in that time, his gym has racked up some impressive awards. In addition to receiving the Pandemic Hero Award, eVOLV earned Best of the City in 2018, Top Rated Local Business in the State 2019, Hispano Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year, and The Q-Outstanding Award that recognizes contributions and services to the LGBTQ community.

Additionally, Chavez says he and his team are incredibly proud to be the medical leads for the Duke City Gladiators, a professional IFL football team. Chavez and eVOLV are responsible for the strength conditioning, physical training, and athletic training for these 25+professional athletes.

The eVOLV Strong community

Chavez is pretty specific when it comes to defining his business. He identifies eVOLV Strong as more than just a gym. He says eVOLV is a community of all ages and ability levels with an intention to be their best and healthiest. Chavez states, “eVOLV Strong’s mission is to provide an experience that inspires you to better yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

eVOLV Strong’s sense of community extends in a different direction, too. Chavez is humbled to own a successful and award-winning local business, and he is passionate about giving back to the community that has given him so much. Chavez provides free classes and scholarships to many organizations, including Carrie Tingley Hospital, ARCA, and Bernalillo County Juvenile Probation, as well as many other organizations involving troubled or disabled youth.

Rise of the Phoenix

Before there was a pandemic, people from all over recognized eVOLV for producing the largest fitness show in New Mexico called Rise of the Phoenix. This ‘Biggest Loser’ style event takes over 150 individuals on a twelve-week wellness transformation journey and showcases their accomplishments at the end with what Chavez calls ‘an extravaganza fitness show.’ 

The Rise of the Phoenix event for 2021 is in the planning stages, and eVOLV’s website will have more details soon.

Catch the Experience

C.J. Chavez has built a fitness experience that checks off all of the boxes of a stellar business. With a welcoming sense of community, expert trainers and staff, and a real desire to help people, eVOLV Strong has endured the darkness of the pandemic by stepping up. 

If you feel like you could use a change of pace and get a little movement in your life, join a live class and catch the experience. And then you’ll know first-hand exactly why eVOLV Strong is a stand-out award-winning gym and workout facility. 

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