Catching Up With Prolific Italian Chef Cristian Marino

Culinary mastery is truly an art. Developing tasty recipes brimming with flavor, glazed with inspiring artisan presentation, and packed with nutritional benefits is no small feat. Italian chef consultant, Cristian Marino, has the perfect finesse and passion to whip all these ingredients together. What’s more is that he brings them to you in easy-to-follow recipes, which will find you astounding yourself right in your kitchen.

Cristian is a man of many accolades who has an experience of over 20 years in the hospitality sector in 10 different countries. He has been successful in this industry because he maintains relationships with his clients. His services are not limited to Italy, but he also serves in many other countries as well. Cristian has made connections almost everywhere through his years abroad and personal travel voyages.

Although times have been very challenging in the hospitality industry, Cristian is ready to get back at it once everything fully opens again. He’s a true example of what hard work and dedication can do for anyone who has a true vision.

Cristian had learned cooking in his parents’ restaurant in Calabria, Italy when he was young. At 17, Cristian shifted toStresa and studied gastronomy in the Prestigious Hotel School, “E. Maggia” located on the shores of Maggiore lake where he was able to learn from some of the best ChefMaestros in Italy.

Rather than spending hours in a classroom, Cristian took to the cultures of the world, immersing himself in the kitchens and cultures to learn everything he knows and brings to you. He infuses cultural delicacies with his passion for fresh and healthy produce and ingredients.

Chef Cristian is also committed to offering a strong contrast to the Italian food culture, while still creating flavors which keep you coming back for more. He’s driven by the body and mind wellness that the wholesome food offers which you can check on his website as well.

Chef Cristian Marino

The CM Menu

Cristian has widely opened many new opportunities for the restaurants present in Italy and international hotels worldwide after his introduction of the CM Menu service, which is an authentic Italian menu signed by Chef Cristian himself. This menu is solely conceived for your business.

Chef Cristian also undertakes the designing, implementation and maintenance of his service with scheduled visits throughout the year.

Here’s a timeline that showcases Cristian’s experience in other countries and hotels right before introducing his CM Menu service:

2000-2009 Cristian was cooking in different countries and cruise ship (Italy, France , England, Silver Sea Cruise Ship, and Spain)
2009-2018 Radisson Blu and InterContinental (Present in Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania) were the three hotels Cristian used to work for as Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef
After that he used to work for the Marriott International (Present in Surabaya Area, East Java, Indonesia) as a Complex Executive Chef for the two pre-opening hotels.
Now, Cristian is focused more on his flagship service ‘The CM Menu’ and he’s an Italian Chef consultant for the global hospitality market.

Growing up as an experienced Italian cook gave Cristian the opportunity to travel many different countries, sparking an intense interest in food which led to the development of The CM Menu. However, because of COVID-19, Cristian wasn’t able to fulfill all of hispotential targets. During that time, Cristian was reviewing his projects and assisting his clients through phone and video calls. But as the virus gets washed by newly introduced vaccines – Cristian looks forward to start travelling and implement his schemes again in 2021.

Cristian’s Early Life

Chef Cristian Marino, 39, was born in Milan, Italy. He had moved to Calabria at a very young age where his family used to live. He learned cooking from his parents’ restaurant that was present in Calabria. At 17, Cristian had moved to Stresa on the shores of the Maggiore lake where he had attended the E Maggia Hotel School and was able to learn from some of the best Chefs Maestro present in Italy.

Cristian has also obtained ‘The Golden Q’ from the Ospitalità Italiana for all the Italian restaurants that he used to work for.

Not to be forgotten, he has also achieved the ‘Silver Plate’ which he had obtained after he had met with a representative of the Accademia Italiana Della Cucina in one of the hotel restaurants he used to work for.

Cristian’s passion is clear as he surges ahead on his path of creating tasty recipes and connecting his international travel and culture experience with homes, internationally.

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