Chicago Hip Hop Artist HotBoy Finn is Handcrafting his Music Career

Chicago-based hip-hop artist who goes by the name of HotBoy Finn has been surrounded by music since he was a young child. Finn knew he was destined to make a name for himself once he pieced together the puzzle. For Finn, 2021 is a break-out year for him as he is beginning to take his music more seriously.

Finn’s open-minded approach to attacking the music industry has done wonders for him thus far. He is always eager to learn and work on his sound to create the best music possible for his fans. “My greatest achievement as an artist is bringing other people peace and love. Many people show me love and attention on my social media, and it puts a smile on my face when I see them happy or loving what I do. I feel as an artist it’s nothing like making your fans or supporters happy,” says Finn.

Anticipation is building around HotBoy Finn as his fans await his next release. With songs like “I Want Designer” and “Ice Me Out” having received positive feedback, Finn has set the bar high for what is to come in the future. He is currently working on a remix to Cardi B’s popular song “UP” as well as a SpotemGottem “Beatbox” and is planning to release those at the tail end of April.

With tons of new music on the way and a wavering fanbase eager to listen to what he has to offer, HotBoy Finn is in a solid position moving forward. He sees the impact his music is having on his fans and is using that as motivation to make him go that much harder towards his goals. HotBoy Finn’s determined work ethic and strongly supported music is a combination for success, and he is sticking to the formula. Stay tapped in with this up-and-coming artist as there is no end in sight for HotBoy Finn.

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