Chitransh Jain Shares His Insights on the Future of Digital Marketing

Life can be unpredictable, isn’t it? For many life starts only after completing their education when they decide some aim for their future. But for creative-minds, life begins in teenagers as they have dreams to achieve as well as passion to fulfill what they want. They learn through the journey they walk, they struggle hard, and they survive… meet one such top-notch entrepreneur who at a very young age, with immense hard-work achieved his dream of becoming a known personality in the Digital Marketing Industry. Meet Chitransh Jain, a young, supremely talented & creative person and a renowned Digital Marketing Expert. This young talent always had a clear perspective of becoming a digital marketing expert and so, he started his journey towards his dream with complete dedication and a focused-mind. Chitransh began working in the Digital Media industry when he was still in his teens.

As the name suggests, Chitransh means Artist, a name that incredibly suits the modern digital era. An artist by the mind, a creative-minded digital expert who has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs grow by building their online presence and making their brands grow on social media and Google. With his absolute expertise in the Digital marketing industry, he has got more than 500 clients not only in India but is also famous overseas. At a very tender age, Chitransh realized his dreams and potential and today he is one of the most influential digital marketing experts of India.

Expertise: Talent Manager, Digital Marketing Expert, Strategic consultant to many brands and startups, and celebrities.

Work Experience:
Worked with Headstart Network Foundation which is India’s largest grassroots level organization that supports entrepreneurship and startups. Chitransh worked as Lead for their Jaipur chapter and country marketing lead.
Chitransh is having impressive 7 years of experience in the Digital Marketing field. He has worked for many renowned brands like Netflix, Discovery, IPL, WWE, BMW, and TED to name a few. Chitransh has also worked for many music labels and artists like T-Series, Sony Music India, SnoopDogg, Akon, and some of the top Indian YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, the famous Carry Minati, Harsh Beniwal, Amit Bhadana, Emiway Bantai, Gajendra Verma, Stebin Ben, etc. Recently did a project with Rajinikanth Sir as well.

His name appears in dozens of influential musical projects. To name a few songs which went insanely viral-like ‘Tera Ghata’ by Gajendra Verma and ‘Machayenge’ by Emiway Bantai and many hit tracks.
Chitransh is playing a very important role across a wide range of music styles. With a constantly evolving sound, Chitransh loves to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres. Although he kept a low profile all along, at 25 it seems he has been in the game forever. He was keenly fascinated by independent music and YouTube creators.

Today, Chitransh is a real game-changer in the field of Digital Marketing. He excelled in the field of social media marketing with his intelligence, Skills & passion. His association with some of the leading media firms helped Chitransh build some strong contact lists which surely helped to lead him near to his dreams & guided him in his whole journey.

“Well, Digital Marketing can look easy to others, but it is not”, says Chitransh. “You have to update yourself daily with the latest trends and stay in the continuous competition.” With the world going digital, especially the upcoming entrepreneurs in every field from fashion to business, various companies want to establish their own digital space and digital content. Amidst all this, Chitransh Jain, a Delhi-based Digital Expert, works hard to provide the essential social media services and helps various brands to grow online.

Giving his views about the Future of Digital Marketing, Chitransh says, “Today’s digital revolution has reached a level-top. As a Digital Marketing Expert, I would say that the promising prospects of this revolution are yet to be utilized. The concepts of marketing change every day and marketers still try to explore the newest side each day. The “Change” is inevitable and is always appreciated and we as Digital Marketers will always be ready to delve into this ocean of technology.”

Clearing his perception about the importance of Social Media Marketing, Chitransh explains, “Content is the KING of Marketing & Quality Content will certainly reach new heights. Patience is my mantra and key towards success. The Digital marketing bandwagon is phenomenal, but for those who are ready to work hard with consistent passion & dedication, nothing is impossible for them. Marketing a brand over the web is a tough task, but if handled patiently, you surely succeed in creating impressions of the brand easily.”
There is still a lot more than this under 30 Digital Marketing Expert aims to achieve. Well, Sky is the Limit and there is nothing other than the zest of becoming a self-made Digital Marketing Expert.