Chris Robinson: The Sneakers Collector who Transformed his Passion into a 7-Figure Brand

Meet Chris Robinson, an Irish African American sneaker collector with over 3000 pairs of sneakers and 130k followers on Instagram. With his “sneakerhead” name Sbcollector he managed to create a vivid community where sneakers are more than just shoes. 


Chris Robinson grew up in a small town in Jersey Shore. While he was a kid, he could not afford to buy a pair of sneakers and this determined him to love fashion. We can admit that this was the starting point of his goals and dreams. At 14, Robinson bought his first pair of sneakers and since then his collection is still growing. 


After hours and hours of staying in lines in order to have the pair of sneakers always wanted and after making the right connections, in 2007 he transformed for the first time his passion into a business. Robinson opens his very first sneaker store which was closed in 2009. Just a few years after, Robinson teamed up with the #1 Reebok collector in the world @deeboks and former store owner to manage the business and remodel the store from the ground up.


The biggest success achieved by Robinson so far was to be able to care for the family and the loved ones closest to him. It is truly impressive how Chris managed to build his way up and develop a successful business juts by following his dreams. 


What makes Robinson different than other collectors? 


“The thing that separates me from other collectors is that I take sneakers way more seriously than most people; I look at sneakers as a piece of art not just an article of clothing.”


If you believe in yourself and in your passion, there is nothing that can hold you back. Oh, after all, maybe there are so many things that will hold you back but if you believe in yourself like Robinson did, you will overcome them with merit. 


One of the most important things about Robinson is that he proved the people who did not believe in him wrong. At one point, his ex-girlfriend told him that no matter how far he will get in life, he will not be capable of fulfilling her biggest dream, to have a picture with Khloe Kardashian. One day, it happened to be in the same restaurant at Philipe Chow in New York City, and just like that, without even expecting this to happen at that time, she had her dream came true. 


“Be careful what you speak into existence because the world is a crazy place.”


You can have a look at his Instagram profile @sbcollector to convince yourself that hard work driven by passion can do miracles indeed. Robinson learned from mistakes and worked really hard to get here. See below what he would tell 10 years old self:


“I would tell my 10-year-old self which shoes he should be buying in order to establish himself in the shoe game for the future. I would also tell him to make sure he focuses on business and not women.”


To conclude, maybe the beautiful part of following your dreams and actually building a whole business around your passion is that you don’t feel like working. And yet, you can make a living out of it. Moreover, Robinson knows that sharing is caring. He donates regularly to charities an enormous amount of money, as he understands how it feels to be in need.

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