Christian Stockklauser: How His Company Funnel-Tunnel Ltd. Became a Huge Success

With digitalization taking over the world, many industries have accustomed to the new digital era. Be it influencers, business entities or organisations, everyone has made sure to build its strong presence over the internet. While traditional marketing methods have taken a backseat, it is the digital marketing which is helping many businesses grow by leaps and bounds. Through massive knowledge about web and digital world, entrepreneur Christian Stockklauser has brought a revolution through his exceptional online marketing skills. He is the founder and CEO of Funnel-Tunnel Ltd, an emerging name in the digital marketing solutions.

The Beginning of the Extraordinary

Stockklauser, a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert hails from Austria who started working at an early age. It was during teenage, this talented guy spent his time in learning social media and how it functions. He says, “Facebook, Instagram and YouTube were used by the people for socializing but I put in all my efforts on how to make money out of these social media platforms.” Started young, the digital entrepreneur is now helping all the young talents and companies on how to build a strong presence on the  domain.

Working Technique

The dynamic entrepreneur has always focused on smart work and less on hard work. “I would not deny that I have not worked hard. Obviously, I have, but I understood it very early that the initial years of hard work in social media marketing will open doors for me. It has actually helped me grow as a well-known digital marketer”, stated Stockklauser. Moreover, before picking up any digital campaigns, Christian says that understanding the target audience is what holds the utmost significance.

Sacrificing Comfort Zone for a Better Future

Well, teenage is all about enjoying with friends, socializing and chilling life, Stockklauser had a different thought in his mind. During his early days, rather than spending money on materialistic things, he saved it future investments and took the risk to start a company of his own. The entrepreneur has got no college degree but through his experience and a sharp mind, he has become an inspiration for all the budding entrepreneurs.

About Funnel-Tunnel Ltd and Its Future

The company was incorporated by Christian along with Thomas Feuerstein. The two entrepreneurs with their varied talents have built an online platform catering to all the marketing needs of the customers. Funnel-Tunnel Ltd has an all-in-online marketing tool for business entities and companies who want to grow over the digital space. Funnel-Tunnel has integrated an own website and funnel builder, email marketing, bookings, CRM, e-commerce and memberships functionalities. Along with all this modules Funnel-Tunnel is the best all-in-one online marketing software on the market. The company’s further plan is to launch its new product in Germany and the entrepreneur plans to take the digital platform on an international level in the coming years.

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