Cleaning Maid Simple Empowered to Help Facilities Combat COVID-19

One thing that has become of great urgency to offices and commercial spaces amidst the world’s effort to jumpstart the economy post-COVID-19 is sanitation. At the forefront of helping many establishments keep to minimum safety and health requirements, commercial cleaning company Cleaning Maid Simple has ramped up its operations to fulfill the needs of people in the state of California. 

Cleaning Maid Simple is a company with a full range of cleaning services to suit the needs of any small to large business that’s looking to keep with protocols and keep cleaning to a strict budget. Most companies have resorted to cleaning spaces on their own, but the costs of maintaining workforce and equipment have mounted up to significant expenses. Cleaning Maid Simple solves that problem by taking care of every cleaning and disinfecting a school, office space, commercial building, retail area, or any other establishment might require. The cleaning company can provide anything from light office to deep institutional cleaning by request. 

At the heart of the company is its team of highly-trained staff who are more than equipped to ensure quality service every time. Through the pandemic, Cleaning Maid Simple ramped up its protocols to help retool and discover sure-fire ways to remove any trace of contaminants that might come through droplets and other airborne diseases like flu and so on. 

There has been an increased need since the start of the economy’s reopening, so Cleaning Maid Simple has also ramped up its workforce to meet the growing demands. The company has also formulated a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance at clients’ request. The company has also extended to serve most of the Southern & Northern California areas, including the Bay Regions, San Diego, and even Sacramento.

Cleaning Maid Simple has worked with one of the biggest businesses in the country and served various tech start-up offices, event centers, educational institutions, retail stores, and high-rise buildings in California.

Cleaning Maid Simple started through the efforts and vision of CEO and Chief Cleaning Consultant Oscar Munoz. He took inspiration after his mother, Rosalia Sandoval, who has owned her own cleaning business for more than 25 years. After losing his job in 2019, he resolved to create something that would provide him more security than his previous employment. Three years later, he now has one of the fastest growing cleaning services in the west coast area. Cleaning Made Simple has cleaned over 10 million square feet of commercial properties since its early beginnings and provided companies and organizations with some of the best cleaning and sanitation services.

Amidst COVID-19 breakouts, the world continues to fight against the pandemic without having to result in draconian measures. Health and cleaning protocols have kept Coronavirus from wreaking more havoc and from the economy shutting down completely. For Oscar and the Cleaning Maid Simple team, their operation is more than just a cleaning business. It’s their way of contributing to the fight against COVID-19 and helping businesses reopen safely.

Cleaning Maid Simple hopes to serve more institutions in the foreseeable future and possibly branch out and serve another close by cities as well. Visit their website, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles to learn more.

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