Clients To The Front: How Madrona Rose is Changing The Coaching Landscape One Client-First Program at a Time

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One-on-one. Group. Masterminds. Miniminds. Consulting. Mentorship. Programs. 

A lot is going on in the coaching space right now; an industry worth an estimated 1.5 million, with 53,000 coaches in the US alone. as 53,000 coaches (and growing). But it’s all been shaken up by Passion to Profit – a program that swaps the typical fluff-filled, high-level talk for a client-first, truly tailored experience. 

With so many untailored, cut-and-paste, cookie-cutter methods, Madrona is on a mission to disrupt the industry and leave every client with tangible results. How? Through mentorship that meets them where they’re at, instead of where she thinks they should be. 


The norm in coaching is centered on proven but preset formulas being applied to a group of unique individuals. And it’s the norm for a reason – when something works, it works for most, right?  Wrong.

Madrona takes an alternative approach. 

A client-first perspective that is adaptable and dynamic, ever-changing to each client’s needs. 


After investing over 5 figures into growing, learning, and up-leveling Madrona has finally landed on a coaching style that works.  A client-first one with:

  • Genuine care and consideration for the person’s unique stage in life and business.
  • A commitment to being present and truly listening.
  • A strong focus on the client, asking them questions and providing thoughtful answers.
  • An understanding of what the client wants out of their coaching.
  • A desire to truly meet their client where they’re at in business.

It all culminates into…


For Madrona, the six-week ‘Passion to Profit’ program begins with one element of all the good coaching characteristics listed above – meeting people where they’re at. 

That means accepting them for their unique traits, a unique place in life and business, and unique goals. Some clients may come wanting to pivot their business completely, others might be 100% happy with their current work, but need help setting up systems to step away from their business a little more. This is what makes the work-up period – filled with questionnaires, lots of virtual stalking, and fully customized program layouts- all critical to individualizing the next six weeks. 

So what does that work-up period look like? It’s centered around an in-depth questionnaire uncovering everything from basics like their current business state and goals to their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred communication style.  

…All to ensure Madrona can truly get inside their business, and ensure they are the biggest participant in their future. 


With a client-first approach, the packed weekly hour-long calls are structured to cover everything the client wants to hit. That’s anything from building new standout offers to high ticket sales strategy to messaging and positioning to mindset or social media strategy, with additional structured time for questions and feedback. Throughout the week, an optional add-on of unlimited Slack or Voxer is there for implementation support. 

The driving factor? The entire program is flexible and entirely directed by the client and the week they’ve had. 


Madrona wants to normalize client-first coaching; an approach that truly covers the difference between where a unique individual is at and where they want to be. 

In an industry filled with cookie-cutter approaches attempting to squeeze complex, multi-passionate business owners into a mold, Madrona’s program for creative entrepreneurs – Passion to Profit – is changing the way the business world views coaching and it’s potential.

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