Commit to Be Fit, A Guide By Dan Matteucci

Commit to Be Fit, A Guide By Dan Matteucci

Physical fitness is essential for people at every stage of their lives. Be it a child or adult; the body requires continuous movement to keep itself active and functioning. Daily physical exercises promote a healthy lifestyle that prolongs life in the long-run.

In the current times, it can be seen that the youth is widely interested in maintaining their fitness regime and keeping themselves active and fit. They are enticed by the lean and toned body of the actors and aim to achieve a similar body type with consistent workout programs and a healthy and controlled diet.

The internet is flooded with diet plans, fitness regimes, and exercise plans, but very few shed light on the real fitness routine followed by the celebrities, which attracts the layman. Among the few that are open about their healthy lifestyles is Dan Matteucci. He is a renowned Romanian actor, social media influencer, and fitness freak.

Dan’s social media accounts are filled with stunning photos of his lean and chiseled body. This 30-year-old young and energetic individual launched his YouTube channel in 2019. Working in the media industry, he was guided by professional trainers and fitness teachers to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Being trained in a professional environment, Dan picked up many training techniques that he now shares with his growing YouTube audience. His channel is an open diary of his daily fitness routines. From vlogs to guides to workout plans, Dan ensures that he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness training. Although he is very open about his diet plans and fitness routines, he often received tons of requests to share a detailed and step by step procedure to get a lean and fit body similar to his.

Daily workouts for Dan did not mean having a bodybuilder physique. Instead, he encourages easy workout and exercise plans that simply moves the muscles of the body, making them flexible and strong. Living in an urban society, Dan is very aware of the thin time slots people have for exercises. So, to achieve the maximum result in little time, Dan frequently posts short but effective exercise videos on his YouTube channel. His short workout videos are highly anticipated by his subscribers and receive thousands of views within a few minutes.

As a socially active individual, Dan is aware that many people require motivation to begin anything. Having an influence over a large audience, Dan realizes that he is in the perfect position to help people become fit and motivate them through his own words. So, he has decided to take matters into his own hands and write a book on fitness motivation that would inspire people to work out and seek a healthy, happy, and stress-free lifestyle.

Dan is a firm believer in following a daily fitness routine. According to him, incorporating exercises and a healthy food habit at an early stage of life is a long-term investment. It will help save money spent on future illnesses and diseases. Moreover, he believes adapting to a healthy lifestyle during the early twenties and teens will lead to a better metabolism, a good growth rate, stronger bones, and healthier skin and hair.

Being a fitness freak, Dan has invested plenty of time learning about the different human psychologies of adapting to change. He observed that only a few could be lured into following a good lifestyle by being enticed by the toned and chiseled celebrity like body. At the same time, there existed a majority that severely needed the motivation to transform their eating, sleeping, and exercise routines.

Keeping in mind the obesity rate in America, which is 42.4 percent, Matteucci decided to pen down a book that would ‘talk’ his followers and readers into following a healthy lifestyle. He believes motivation can only be given when spoken as a friend, which is exactly what he has done in his book.

With his book, Dan aims to inculcate healthy habits in people from an early stage, which transforms into behavior patterns, subsequently becoming long-term habits. Currently, he is finalizing the book and adding finishing touches to it. The fitness motivation book is scheduled to be released in late 2021.

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