Committed and Risk-Taking Austin Ermes Delivers Incredible Video Content for The Nelk Boys

Austin Ermes, who goes by the name Ausgod online, loves taking on new ideas that he can translate into video form, in a way that keeps people watching. Austin currently works as Director of Content for the highly-popular YouTube channel, the Nelk Boys as well as their umbrella brand Full Send and has been involved with them for the past two and a half years.

The Nelk Boys have a rabid fanbase made up of mostly Gen Z and Millennials. Ever since Ermes became Director of Content for the brand back in 2018, the quality of the videos have improved immensely which has helped gain millions of views on their videos in a matter of hours. While the pranksters in front of the camera of course make the show what it has become, Ermes, is the main man behind the camera who helps shoot the footage and puts everything it together, in a way that makes it all incredibly fun to watch.

Ermes’ career path has been filled with unstoppable commitment and bold risk-taking. His first bold decision came when he made the decision to move from his home in Toronto, Ontario. This move came about when he had the exclusive opportunity to work with an up-and-coming clothing brand called East Coast Lifestyle.

It’s a funny story really, Ermes flew out to Nova Scotia, Canada, under the impression that he would just be having a two-hour interview with the founder of the brand Alex Maclean. However, after an hour of interviewing him for a class project, the meeting turned into a two-day “behind the brand” documentary. The documentary that he had created had quickly jumped to one million views on YouTube. It was clear that that this video was his ticket to newfound success as a lifestyle filmmaker and videographer.

This gave Ermes a bit more courage to take another major risk that would lead to an extraordinary life. While Ermes worked for East coast Lifestyle, he was also working as a freelance videographer. One of his clients happened to be Nelk, whom he had been remotely editing for for several months. After some time, Ermes decided to work for himself and focus on his production company AUSGOD. He worked as a freelance videographer until one day received a call from Kyle Forgeard, CEO of the Nelk Boys, offering him the opportunity to move to California and be their director of content for the brand and channel full-time.

He took the leap of faith, and it paid off big time. He’s now directs the video content captured and edits the weekly episodes, with a skilled team of editors and videographers behind him. Given the line of work that he’s been involved in, Ermes has had numerous adventures around the world, living the dream life.

You can follow Austin on his Instagram page, @AUSGOD as well as Nelk Boys, @NELKBOYS, and Full Send, @FULLSEND.

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