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Builders are hustling around the clock over on Nostr. For those new to this emerging decentralized social media landscape, this guide shines a light on getting started.  Nostr, constructed from the ground up to empower users with control over their personal data and keys, really focusing on exchanging value for value.  The speed and intensity of innovation permeating through this ecosystem makes it a challenge just to keep pace. 

Chances are you’ve encountered or even gotten lost in Pinterest, the visual haven for pinning wedding concepts, craft projects, delicious recipes, or artistic inspiration.  The site really took off in 2011 as users worldwide created personal boards overflowing with inspirational ideas to revisit anytime.  Over on Nostr, Sepehr crafted the to bring that same creative rush under the user’s control.  After logging in with their NSEC key, users can curate their own aesthetic boards while retaining complete control over their content. If that itself isn’t enough to make the switch from Pinterest, other users can zap Satoshis to boards they find the most appealing.  It’s the best of both worlds – retain complete command of your content while potentially profiting from your creative curation.

Perhaps you’re a content creator, churning out weekly videos on the next degen play or NFT project that’s going to take you from a busted up Honda Civic to riding in a Lambo. Normally you would post on YouTube or Rumble and keep your fingers crossed, praying to the enigmatic algorithm gods to shine their favorable light on your content above the maelstrom of other videos.  Why leave your success up to chance?  With, the Nostr-powered video platform, you can earn direct Bitcoin payments from your devoted fans! Maybe you tend to venture into more ‘conspiratorial’ topics. Well have no fear, there are no content moderators that will ban you and your videos, suddenly demonetizing your entire catalog of content! As with all things Nostr, you captain the ship – no centralized authority can seize your keys or censor your content.  

The explosion of innovation isn’t just limited to video either.  Musicians can directly engage with supporters through by live streaming concerts.  Fans can compensate the artists they love by zapping Satoshis during their performances, with 100% of the Sats being given straight to the artist.  At last, no middlemen or gatekeepers taking some right off the top.  Just pure value for value between creator and fan.  

For those yearning to build a community,, ties everything together.  Host events, livestream content, rally subscribers, and schedule meetups all while pocketing profits and retaining ownership over your data legacy. Truly a revolution that values the individual while connecting us together. 

Ready to be part of a movement that prioritizes people, ownership, and purpose?  Nostr is delivering on that vision.  It connects us together while empowering the individual through privacy, property, and profit.  A social universe where users control their own data and compensation flows freely between creator and fan.  Putting people over platforms.  The future beckons all who dream bigger, so jump into Nostr today!

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