Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Amit Asudani Sheds Light on Digitally-Driven Smile Upgrades

A smile is one of the most attractive features of a face as it instantly enhances the appearance and plays an integral role in boosting self-confidence and morale. Everyone aspires for a gorgeous smile that aligns with their physical characteristics and expresses their personality. Elaborating on how we can achieve a digitally-driven customized smile, cosmetic dentist Dr. Amit Asudani says, “An improved natural-looking smile can be easily acquired by visiting a cosmetic dentist. The advancement in technology has created a new concept of digital smile that offers the opportunity to design a smile the patient desires and help envision the outcome before beginning the treatment.”

A mélange of an artistic vision and digital technology, the new technique is a systematic approach to developing a unique smile that goes beyond traditional dentistry. Shedding light on the latest technology, Dr. Asudani adds, “The concept is based on analyzing the patient’s facial and dental composition. Various factors are taken into consideration, such as features, skin tone, the color of eyes and hair, facial symmetry, dental analysis, and treatment goals. We also incorporate your personality and profession. Then, by capturing a series of high-definition photos and digital videos, the patient’s face and their relationship with their teeth, lip movements, and smile are recorded to design a 3D version of the desired smile. The patient’s participation in the process, including their input on the color and shape of the teeth, helps to create a visual representation of the dream smile they have in mind, and simulate an accurate outcome to their satisfaction before committing to the treatment.”

Digitally-driven smiles have been on the rise, with many people investing in revitalizing their smiles as it is a reflection of oneself along with being aesthetically pleasing as well. The procedures that can be adopted to achieve the desired result are teeth whitening, digital composite bonding, dental veneers, Invisalign aligners, and more.

Based in Dubai, UAE, Dr. Asudani is a top-ranking orthodontist and leading Invisalign expert known for empowering beautiful smiles with his skills. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, he has transformed the smiles of over 300 clients, for which he has duly been awarded the Platinum Invisalign provider award in 2018 and the Elite Platinum Invisalign provider award in 2019 in recognition of advancing in the field of orthodontics.

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