Courtney Newell is Keeping It Simple with a Jewelry Line That’s Raising Awareness for Mental Illness

Always Coco Mini Tao Pendant

In June of 2020, the CDC reported that symptoms of an anxiety disorder were three times as high as they were in the second quarter of 2019. Entrepreneur Courtney Newell knows first-hand how debilitating this uncontrollable feeling can be. Anxiety can find its way into every aspect of your life. It can instill doubt and feelings of inadequacy, suppress your social life, and cripple your ability to be your best version of you. So, Newell created a passion project that speaks from the heart.

Like most entrepreneurs, Newell found herself shifting gears a bit during the pandemic. While
dealing with losses like most business owners, Newell is also tackling a larger foe. With COVID-19 inflicting more and more stress, Newell knew anxiety was on the rise. Her response was to look the problem in the face and work towards a solution by raising awareness. Her Always Coco jewelry line reflects her simplistic style and gives a portion of each sale to a cause dear to her heart — the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

The Journey to Founding Always Coco

So how did Courtney ‘Coco’ Newell end up founding a successful online jewelry company? The journey was not a straight and narrow path.

A couple of years ago, Newell entered the somewhat flooded fashion blogging market and found herself floundering to find her niche. Even worse, Newell began to compare herself to others in the field and quickly saw she needed a break. Taking a hiatus from social media, she dedicated time to herself with no outside influences. She needed to get back to the roots of her style, no one else’s. And so, Always Coco was born.

In her break from social media, Newell reverted to the sleek, simple designs of her true style. Newell says, “Sometimes, our simplest piece can be the most beautiful.” And browsing her website, you’ll discover just what she means.

Simplistic Styles with Deep Meanings

The Mini Tao rotational pendant is a patent-pending sterling silver plated necklace with rhodium and 14k gold in a polished and satin finish. This simple design is not short on meaning. The pendant, functioning as three necklaces in one, can be attached to the chain in different ways to create a trio of looks and understandings.

The pendant can hang appearing to look like a horizon as a reminder that there will always be waves to navigate and a horizon that extends into tomorrow. Worn another way, the pendant is a sunrise representing a new day with new beginnings. And the third way to wear the pendant appears to look like an eclipse, signifying patience because all perfect moments take time.

Newell’s website has more than just her striking jewelry line. Picking up where she left off as a blogger, Newell adds a few blog threads her customers can browse: Simple Wellness, Simple Style, and Simple Joys. This time there’s no competition and no quivering self-confidence — just pure and simple Coco style.

Giving Back

When Courtney Newell found herself wandering in a direction that was way off her course, she took a step back. In doing so, she not only found her true style, but she also found her true calling. Always Coco is the product of Newell’s journey back to herself. And after seeing her way back on her proper course, she decided it was time to give back to those suffering from anxiety and other debilitating mental illnesses.

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Week, October 4 – 10, join Courtney Newell and do something that matters for people who need your support. Whether it’s a gesture, a prayer, or volunteering near you, keep it simple and give it style.

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