Creating a new Vibe With his Music is Hip Hop Star Nogoodhood

The South Clayton County area of Atlanta, Georgia’s hip hop artist NoGoodHood has come far from his viral song “Warning (Chief Keef Diss)” that was done as a joke, went viral, gaining over one million views. He is now collaborating with pop’s A-listers in a span of a few short years.

The NoGoodHood is about to explode as he is ready with two new songs in 2021. Madden is already making big on youtube, and it has touched 1,00,000 views in a short span.

All the proof you’d need is jumbled throughout his Instagram and youtube page, which is filled with millions of fans, recording sessions with pop superstars and cryptic advice about approaching new music that score hundreds of thousands of likes.

His booming list of co-signs has helped to immediately make the rapper a household name in his native area of Atlanta — and, more, across the globe.

Many qualities in him are going to take him far in this competitive industry. His confidence and advanced marketing methods are giving him an extra edge compared to others in the market. Alone singing quality is not enough to thrive in todays time. He knows how to take advantage of youtube and other social media platforms proof is his first viral song.

NoGoodHood is a self-made star. Even in his videos, you can see the focus mainly on his work, now extra cars, girls, and all his videos for music lovers who love only music, no extra things that directors create. His style is different and catching good viewers worldwide as people are fed up with the same old things like cars; girls in hip hop songs focus on the song hidden behind all these things. NoGoodHood believes in strength, and that you can see in his videos.

NoGoodHood is coming up with few more songs in 2021. Listen to his Madden Music Video:

You can also connect with him on Social Media:


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