Creating a Soul Aligned Brand With Carol Hampshire

When it comes to Personal Branding, sometimes it can be the actual ‘personal’ connection that is overlooked when comparing Digital Marketing options. As Wikipedia so beautifully states, Personal Branding is the ‘conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating them from the competition’. Now imagine this textbook Personal Branding experience delivered from a basis of personal connection and soul alignment.

With over 25 years experience in the branding industry, Carol Hampshire has developed a winning personal strategy, and she has the results to prove it. ‘As a coach myself, I am able to dive deep and ask the right questions, to help bring out the core essence of a personal brand that will help launch a business, both powerfully and effectively,’ Carol explains. ‘I combine my years of experience with my intuition so that my clients get the results they want by building a powerful online brand that combines their unique essence and individual personality’.

Since starting her own business, Carol Hampshire’s personal and versatile approach has attracted clients ranging from first day start-ups to global 7-figure entrepreneurs. Helping them launch their soul aligned personal brand, websites and sales pages, and in a world where there is so much noise and confusion, Carol develops her clients’ brands to be crystal clear and the designs to be visually gorgeous and by using her inner knowledge, Carol is able to craft a brand vision that is both unique, and provides a platform for their brands to stand out authentically.

As Carol so accurately observes, most designers go straight into creating a website and other brand assets, however she likes to take her time to really get to know the client, their purpose and their audience.

‘By following my unique framework of exploring the brand vision, values, voice and creating aligned visuals, brands become more easily recognizable and sales are catapulted enormously. Building a brand from the inside out, and making sure that it is aligned with purpose and passion, will result in success and ultimately freedom’ say Carol. ‘I’m able to create custom websites and sales pages that truly reflect the essence of the brand, and in doing so naturally attract an ideal audience and target market to buy into the products and services offered’. 

And, who could argue? As Carol Hampshire proudly states, ‘I know this formula works’, with many of her clients now enjoying a 7-figure turnover in relatively short time periods. ‘I believe that having an intentionally designed brand creates a quantum leap in growing a business rapidly, magnetizing ideal customers, selling out offers and standing out as a leader online’.

So if you feel like your Personal Branding could benefit from a more personal approach, and you’d like to explore a strategy based on more than just a definition, visit and connect with Carol to let her guide you into the world of soul alignment. Carol is perfectly positioned to elevate your brand to new heights and explore a range of new directions and opportunities. For further information you’ll also find Carol on Instagram @carolhampshire

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