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Crypto 101: Top Trends in the World of Cryptocurrency During 2021

Discover what’s happening in the world of digital and cryptocurrency and where it’s headed.

The discussions on cryptocurrency just continue to keep increasing each day as we move further into 2021. While the topic of the surging prices of Bitcoin have been a hot for a while now, with the latest being that the coin was recently valued at $50,000+ per unit.

However, there are also plenty of other things to talk about when it comes to digital currently and trending topics across the world of digital finance and currency. Whether it’s Elon Musks’ role in the rise of Dogecoin, how gold and the US dollar will fare in coming years… and also how your own personal wealth and money management might change in the coming years as well — it really all is now getting more attention than ever before.

Let’s now take a look at some of the hottest talking points in what could end up being a very heavy movement year for cryptocurrency.

Musk, Doge and the People’s Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world today. Elon Musk is the richest person in the world today.

When you put them both together… you get news!

As of lately, the discussions between Elon Musk and digital currency is just an everyday occurrence, and it’s not just for the big players who can invest and buy in Bitcoin.

The end of January 2021 was quite exciting for Dogecoin, as millions of people around the world started buying up the coin — while also hoping and praying for the occasional tweet from Musk with his favorite little doggy coin.

The end result was a massive increase in value for the meme coin, jumping from under a penny to nearly ten cents… while lately stabilizing around a nickel.

Dogecoin has opened up the world of cryptocurrency and trading to many more people, but it’s also unlimited in how many of the digital coins can be created. This means… without a continual pump, it could likely settle back into the low pennies again, but who knows when and where Musk might be planning his next tweet or thoughts on Doge.

Digital Currency Courses and Training Materials Everywhere

With more attention on digital currency and the hopes and dreams of getting rich off a small investment, a lot of new investors and money is pouring into this space. And where there is money to be made, investment tools, firms and solutions will continuously be popping up as well.

It’s not enough to simply buy and hold digital currency, it’s also important to learn what it is, why it works and how it could potentially become the financial platform for the future. This also means you are going to need to invest some time in reading different sources online, while also exploring the many different YouTube videos and courses available online as well.

Whether you are reading the latest articles and content offered through a site like Forbes or CNBC, or investing in online courses and coaching material like Crypto 101 BlackBox, the options for learning are pretty much endless.

Just like all investments and money making opportunities, you shouldn’t just be throwing your hard earned dollars at lottery tickets and hoping for a big win. The majority of people making good money in the world of cryptocurrency are good at it, because they’ve invested their time, money and effort wisely.

Gold Movements and the Mighty Dollar

With all of the focus on crypto these days, it’s also taking more attention away from the financial standards that we are all used to — which are gold and the US dollar.

Yes, this precious metal and world currency are still heavily valued in comparison to their counterparts, but where will they be headed in the future?

With the US Dollar making moves all over the place, and falling behind other world currencies, gold is making some steady moves with it. And for those who haven’t been tracking, gold just recently hit an all-time high above $1,900 an ounce.

As precious as gold may be, it’s still a mere fraction of what Bitcoin is now worth… so how will this likely play out in the coming months and years? Just like there is only a specific amount of Bitcoin, there is only so much gold in the world as well — yet the US dollar keeps getting printed more and more.

Makes you think… doesn’t it?

How to Stay Updated on the Latest Bitcoin and Crypto News

When it comes to digital finance and keeping an eye on the latest news and headlines, social media and industry news blogs are always a great place to start. And for anyone already playing around with Doge or other coins, few things are more exciting than seeing your coin hashtag trending at the top of Twitter.

However, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the latest bitcoin and cryptocurrency blogs that are gaining in audience and authority on a daily basis. Be sure to bookmark this article and check out some of the other resource sites online, and remember where we are today versus where the price of such coins and world finance might be at the end of the year.


Written by Kristel Staci

Kristel Staci is an entrepreneur and freelance writer that focuses on everything related to social media, online marketing and finance. To see what Kristel is currently working on, you can visit her blog at

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