Dal Dhaliwal’s New Program “Balance” Creates a Motivating Space for Women Over 40

As a female entrepreneur, a key figurehead in the wellness industry and a TV presenter, Dal Dhaliwal’s focus has always been on fulfilment, reaching new milestones and implementing sustainable self-growth strategies. Over her years in the wellness space, she has noticed that many women, especially those going through life-changing stages, often struggled to carry out this same level of self-motivation and regulation. 

Wanting to elevate women over forty by prioritising their health, this female entrepreneur developed BALANCED for LIFE to promote both overall wellbeing, and to allow all women to achieve a more esteemed sense of self. 

Dal’s BALANCED for Life program has been created with providing women the opportunity to find sustainable strategies to combat the changes their bodies are undergoing in mind. The biggest motivator for the foundation of this program began over 20 years ago when she noticed how difficult it was becoming to run a family and manage her changing body, all while sustaining her health, fitness and weight goals.

She commented that “After having my 3 daughters, I struggled with weight gain, depression, low confidence and self-esteem. It wasn’t until my youngest daughter started school that I decided to join a gym and focus on myself.” 

Though her initial goal focused on transforming her health and restoring the body she had in the past as a dance coach and fitness instructor, she soon noticed the flow-on effects that this had on her mindfulness, esteem and desire to try new things. Combining these results with her long-standing work in the health space, BALANCED was born. 

Since its foundation, BALANCED for LIFE has become a safe space for those over 40 seeking women’s health advice. Dal Dhaliwal utilises her entrepreneurial spirit with every client she works with and always seeks unique, innovative approaches to help each woman overcome the internal struggles she is facing.

Dal most commonly works with women looking to overcome weight loss, weight management, menopause and mental health issues, though she is open to assisting all women working to navigate the changes their bodies are undergoing, especially after having kids. 

As an added bonus, all those who join her platform will also have access to an app that provides entry to a safe community of women in similar situations. This is a great networking tool that can help women find the motivation they need to continue along their health journey. 

Her platform and physical transformation since embarking on this journey are testaments to the power all women have inside of them. It is proof that with some motivation and the right support networks, every woman can better their physical and mental health. 

If you want to embark on a life-changing health journey with Dal Dhaliwal, you can always get in contact by visiting her website or browsing her Instagram.  

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