Deepit Bhatti Reportedly Leaves Internet Stunned With His Massive Glow Up, Find Out

If you’re pretty tapped into social media, you’ve probably seen Deepit Bhatti around before. From Instagram to Business to Music, Deepit is an internet celebrity who’s best known for his multi-skilled persona, mostly showcasing his artistry. But these recent years has been a massive glow up for the emerging artist.

From how he got his start as a football player to his music career, here are some facts you need to know about the social media phenomenon.


Deepit Bhatti (born September 15, 2001) otherwise known as Wrst Kid, is an Internet personality, Musical artist, Songwriter, Athlete, Model, Sketch artist and Entrepreneur who serves as the CEO & Founder at CANCLD. He initially rose to prominence on photo and video-sharing apps like Facebook and Instagram, before stepping in the Business and Music Industry.


The multi-hyphenate is known to be fairly good in every field he pursues which is part of the reason why most people tend to follow his footsteps. Even though Deepit seems unfazed by the copycats as he keeps himself way ahead of them in every way, it seems like this has changed. Deepit recently wrote a diss track about his copycats titled ‘Clones‘, a debut song by the Influencer-Rapper which caused fans to assume that there’s some type of controversy but the rapper refused.


In 2021, Deepit Bhatti incorporated CANCLD LLC and currently serves as it’s CEO & Founder. CANCLDoperates as a media conglomerate. The company is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. He also Founded a Clothing Brand named SLCTVEsoon after incorporating CANCLD LLC. The social media sensation is pretty tapped into various business sectors although he tries to keep this aspect of his life fairly low key.


In 2020, Deepit started pursuing music to expand his career paths and connections. The influencer turned rapper goes by the stage name Wrst Kid and has currently one song under his belt titled ‘Clones’. His debut song was a huge comeback and no one saw it coming. As soon as the song dropped, people couldn’t believe their ears and showed much respect to the music artist.

Deepit has been in the news since 2017 and since has been the talk of the town for various endeavors. But these recent years has played a big role in his life as he got to challenge himself which made a way for him to be remembered and stay relevant. The internet sensation is working smart and seems to get all the attention he deserves.

Find out more about Deepit Bhatti on his socials below:

Instagram: @xeepit

Facebook: @xeepit

Twitter: @dxxpit


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