Deion Campbell Awarded “Best Podcast Host” 2021 Podcastys Awards!

Podcasts have taken the world by storm, especially since the beginning of the global pandemic giving millions of people all over the world time to quarantine. When it comes to adjusting to the pandemic, there is one person whose life has been affected by it in a major way. Meet Deion Campbell better known as King Legend 757, a former photographer whose entire life changed after contracting Covid-19.

The virus impacted Campbell landing him on a ventilator in the hospital for twelve days! After surviving a brutal attack on his life, Campbell had to start over from scratch. His road to recovery started with physical therapy such as just being able to sit up straight and progressed to standing and then eventually walking. The main damage having Covid-19 had on his life was nerve damage to his right arm.

The damage from the amount of stress his body went through while fighting the virus caused him to put down his camera and pause his career as a photographer. Before the pandemic, King Legend had taken pictures of celebrities such as Da Baby, Pop Smoke, Gunna, Stunna 4 Vegas, and many more. His potential as a professional photographer was on the rise and he even had a billboard up of his photography brand in his city. 

After putting down the camera because of his rough journey with Covid-19, Campbell found a new passion for radio and decided to start his podcast and named it King Legend Talks. The podcast features his talks with celebrities such as Fat Joe (Music Producer/Artist), Cupid “Shuffle”(Music Artist), Kareem Grimes (Actor), and influencers such as Dillon Kivo (Entrepreneur), Tony Pec(Entrepreneur), and Chicklet.hf (Entertainer) just to name a few.

The goal of his show is to inspire and motivate other people to follow their dreams by interviewing celebrities and influencers about their road to success. The process has worked out very well for King Legend Talks and ended up landing placement on iHeartRadio and also earning the title, “Best New Podcast” at the 2021 Podcastys Awards.

The podcast also took home the title, “Best Overall Podcast, Best Lifestyle Podcast, and Best Talk Show Podcast.” To make the 2021 Podcastys Awards even more memorable for King Legend Talks, Deion Campbell received the title, “Best Podcast Host” as well. 

The number of support people has shown the podcast in such a short amount of time is remarkable. Campbell is currently grateful for the listeners and promises to continue to deliver content that keeps people inspired and feeling good about their future.

“The interviews will only get bigger from here and more influential,” Campbell said in response to his plans for the future. Campbell is also a student at Southern New Hampshire University in the process of getting his bachelor’s degree in communications.

For more information about Deion Campbell, you can email him at: or follow him on social media: @Kinglegend757.

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