Derrick Kinney: Teaching People to Build and Maximize Their Net Worth

Derrick Kinney: Teaching People to Build and Maximize Their Net Worth

What is your net worth? This can be a difficult question to answer. Firstly, what exactly does net worth refer to? Net worth, simply defined, is the accumulated worth of all of your assets. Considered assets would be cash, investments, cars, and real estate. Derrick Kinney, CEO of Good Money Framework and the host of the Good Money Good Hands Good Work podcast, helps people ask themselves difficult questions about their finances.

Kinney promotes the idea that money should not be allowed to be feared or create stress. Through his 7-Part Good Money Framework, Kinney has been teaching people how to build their net worth and get the maximum impact from all that they have accumulated. Kinney teaches that if you have a clear purpose for why you need to increase your net worth, then achieving greater wealth will prove easier. Kinney emphasizes that striving to maximize your wealth is always a good idea, but making money just to have more of it will ultimately prove unrewarding. With The Good Money Good Hands Good Work podcast, Kinney explores through conversations with authors, influencers, and business professionals how people can better themselves while also increasing their wealth. The 7-Part Good Money Framework continues this concept of personal accountability by encouraging people to make more, save more, and give more. On the idea of having a personal drive for making money, Kinney says, “I teach people that attaching a greater meaning and purpose to making money will help them in achieving their financial goals.”

Kinney was previously the creator and owner of a financial planning and investment company before he moved from the role of an advisor to an educator. In this new role, Kinney uses the insights that he gained as a financial advisor to show people how they can empower themselves by independently building their net worth. Kinney believes that remaining goal-oriented is the ideal path to achieving wealth. He says, “If you know what you want your wealth to achieve then you will be more determined to achieve wealth.”

Maximizing your net worth can seem challenging, but it is always possible to learn the skills needed to reach your full financial potential.

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