Designed in London and Made in LA, Thobias is Shoppable Now

Fashion has become so much more than the clothes you put on every day; it is a true testament to one’s personal style and has the ability to tell a story or send a message. The clothing that someone wears says a lot about who they are and what their personality may be. While the retail industry may be oversaturated with cheap, fast fashion, some brands are doing what they can to retain the highest quality possible while still being stylish.

Thobias is a brand that was made for women that keep quality and style at top of mind. It was started by Kevin Thobias, who is a new ecommerce entrepreneur that is known for multiple successful businesses as well as his recent success of growing $2 million worth of Tesla stock into $12 million. His namesake brand Thobias is a clothing line that will offer tasteful and trendy options at a very reasonable price.

Fast fashion brands often lack in terms of quality.. Trendy brands offer clothing that, although stylish, may only last one or two wears or simply for a photo. Thobias designed clothing for consumers that should not have to compromise quality, style, or price. The European-inspired designs come at an affordable price-point, and Thobias is projected to be a top competitor in the women’s fashion industry.

Thobias is designed in London and made in LA. The unique and original pieces just launched and are shoppable now. Thobias will also offer a line of iconic dresses for occasions like cocktail parties or special events.

To check out the website and shop Thobias Designs, check them out here. To follow along on Instagram, follow along here.

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