Devang borisagar The Mind of Making Idea Happen

Start where you are, use what you have – Devang Borisagar who is also known as an influencer is from Rajkot city of Gujarat. Devang Borisagar believes in hard work according to his father’s idea Devang Borisagar says don’t try to be the best in the place where you are or focus on other things.

It is even more interesting when we know how Devang Borisagar has influenced so many young people through his lifestyle and achievements. This public influencer has a unique and enjoyable understanding of his lifestyle which makes him a young influencer, Devang Borisagar has become very famous from his social media and internet influencer.

Today is the age of digital media. It has received a lot of encouragement during the Corona period. The new generation spends most of their time on smartphones and computers. Some of them are creating their own identity. One of these is Devang Borisagar.

Instagram – Devangborisagar

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