Devin Wills Is a Man on a Mission

Devin Wills, an entrepreneur and a genuinely kind human who wants to achieve meaningful success, has had a turbulent business journey.

Today, Devin is the President of A&W Contracting, Inc., one of the largest Roofing Companies in all the state of Georgia. A&W has collaborated with many of the nation’s largest residential construction home builders.

Devin inherited the business from his father, Andy Wills who founded the company over 28 years ago. Devin’s dad came from very modest beginnings and grew up in a poor family in Ohio.

He created A&W Contracting, Inc. through the power of determination and hard work. Devin was there to see it all happen while growing up.

When Devin Wills was only 20-years-old, his father tragically passed due to a massive heart attack on Labor Day of 2017. Devin knew that this would change his whole world. He was to pick up the mantle from his dad and continue bravely running the family business. 

At only 20, Wills felt overwhelmed, and rightfully so. He became depressed. Devin tried to soothe the pain through alcohol and drugs, but nothing worked.

“People would often comment on my drinking but I didn’t want to admit that they were serious. I tried to play it off as if it were just a joke but deep inside I knew that they were right to be concerned.” 

While Wills pretended that everything was ok and went to bars and clubs, on the inside, he was hurting. The solution was to become sober, get serious, and dive into business. 

Devin attended a conference in Miami hosted by Grant Cardone. Struggling to find answers, the conference shone a guiding light for Wills. He listened to various speakers share how they overcome their struggles. 

Massively inspired by the conference, Devin found good mentors and began his journey of recovery that brought him some much-needed clarity.

He replaced his drinking habits with sports and began practicing Jiu-Jitsu, mountain biking, windsurfing, snowboarding, and more.

Things finally started falling into place. Wills recalls, “I had inherited quite an amazing opportunity, but that opportunity came with lots of responsibilities and I had to be at my best at all times.”

To Devin, mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle. He strongly believes in self-awareness, which is why he has been as successful as he is today. 

Devin advises all entrepreneurs to know their “why” and have a mission to their work so that they are motivated to wake up every day. He also suggests surrounding oneself with books because that’s one of the best ways to learn. “Make sure to always stay in learning mode and to always be hungry,” Wills says.

Devin admits that his biggest success is his sobriety. “I have received many opportunities thanks to my sobriety including the ability to become focused and minimize distraction,” he recalls. 

He leaves business owners with one thought: “Ask yourself, how far are you willing to go and what will you sacrifice to achieve success?”

Today, Devin Wills is at the top of his game. You can follow his journey on Instagram.

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