Dhrumil Soni: The New Technical Heartthrob Of Dhollywood

Hailing from Panchmahal in Gujarat, Dhrumil Soni has come down as one of the most popular influencers in India. He introduced himself as an entrepreneur at the young age of 17 and he has shown true character ever since. After dropping out of college he created his first start-up Pixatronix in the year 2016. He has worked in various companies as a marketing representative. His start-up has emerged as one of the most successful and diverse businesses throughout the country owing to his sheer dedication and hard work for four years. Highly noted celebrities have often found a way of fronting themselves with the fine skill of his marketing representation. Not just a social media manager, he has also fit himself well into the role of a digital marketing manager.

His recent entry into the Gujarati Entertainment industry as a young producer has garnered him some instant success. In this pandemic world, his initiative of presenting stuti ‘ maa jagdamba’ where Raag Mehta the vocalist was a result of his ever-lively zeal and enthusiasm. The song became a must during Navratri. His project ‘Avi Navratri’ Garba song starring Khushi Shah and Dhruvin Shah and Dhrumil himself also created quite a stir in people’s playlist and mind and entertained many during Garba festivities.

What separates Dhrumil from his fellow counterparts is his involvement in politics and his skill as a political advisor. He is well opinionated and holds the potential to change the face of the Indian political scenario in the future.

In his own words, “I have been working hard with full dedication and never-ending thrive to succeed.” His has indeed been an inspiring coming-up story in the Gujarati Entertainment industry.

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