Digital Entrepreneur Akshay Pathak Is Set to Bring a Revolution With His Upcoming Automated Platform ‘SEO Kart’

The premium and the best SEO services can be hard to find as they are usually expensive. It requires a lot of time, technical and digital expertise to get the best SEO tool for better rankings. However, entrepreneur Akshay Pathak has made it easier. After setting his footprints into digital marketing in 2016, he established a digital marketing agency of his own called ‘My Digital Buddy’ which is based in Gurgaon. The 360-degree digital company offers the best services to brands and influencers. Pathak is now adding one more feather in his cap as he is all set to launch his first automated SEO platform called ‘SEO Kart.’

This platform is said to be unique and completely automated which will enable its users to get quality backlinks, blog articles and other SEO related services in a few clicks at an affordable price. Speaking about his new platform, the entrepreneur said, “I have worked hard in creating SEO Kart and I am pretty sure that it will help for better search rankings. It has a powerful algorithm tool to track the traffic over the digital domain and only the relevant traffic will be driven to the website.” The platform is already in the testing phase and Pathak’s team is eyeing to launch it globally by the quarter-end of 2021.

Pathak, who has been highly optimistic about social media, has integrated a lot of brands on digital platforms. “The brands are highly beneficial and can take advantage of digital marketing to the fullest to boost sales and get the organic reach. I believe through the Search Engine Optimization, brands can reach their customer base in a very quick time,” added Pathak. He further stated that every brand, influencer and celebrity is working hard to be on the Google pages and that’s where ‘SEO Kart’ will do its work in bringing quality backlinks at the forefront.

His team has made ‘SEO Kart’ simple to use that even a layman with zero knowledge of SEO can use it to get quality backlinks in just a few clicks. Interestingly, Pathak revealed that the weekly SEO expense on this digital platform won’t exceed the price of a coffee at Starbucks. Providing the best business and digital solutions to brands, Pathak has collaborated with many prominent companies in the past. Besides this, he had his plans of launching the platform in around June 2020 but due to the global epidemic, it got postponed for good. Just like ‘My Digital Buddy’, Pathak is hopeful that ‘SEO Kart’ will be very helpful to all the business and entrepreneurs and our best wishes are with him for his new venture.

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